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Welcome back, Bachelor Nation!

“The Bachelor” is back with its 23rd season. Can you believe a reality show about an incredibly attractive individual finding love among 30 different, equally attractive singles has been on the air for over 17 years?  

Anywho, let’s talk about this week’s episode of Colton’s journey to find love.

Monday’s episode consisted of two group dates and the first one-on-one. Neither group date seemed to impress me too much. It’s hard to find depth in those huge dates where the girls are forced to put a smile on and compete against one another. However, the one-on-one with Hannah B. definitely spiked my interest.

We were introduced to Hannah B. as a 23-year-old southerner with the Miss Alabama title (which is pretty interesting considering there are two rivals from the Miss USA pageant this season).

Hannah is bubbly and seemed to attract Colton’s attention from the beginning, but the first half of their date was…dry, to say the least. We didn’t really get to see much depth to Hannah as she wasn’t even able to put words together for a simple toast with Colton. As the date went on, she was able to open up and explain that the “first date jitters” were getting the best of her, which is acceptable considering there are cameras everywhere. All. The. Time.

I can’t help but giggle each time a woman acts so surprised that she didn’t get the group date rose after she “opened up.” Honey, there are seven other women on your date trying to do the exact same thing, you are not the only one dying to get that rose.

In this episode of week three, it’s easy to see who is developing as the front-runners, drama queens and troublemakers. Demi, 23, and Tracy, 31, are emerging as the women who will spark drama this season.


Throughout the episode, Demi made many references to Colton’s *virginity* and stirred up some trouble between the others. Also, can we talk about her laugh? I get serious Janice from “Friends” vibes.

By the end of the night, we saw four women leave the Bachelor Mansion, all of which we didn’t get to know too well, so their departures didn’t hurt too much.

Until next time, Bachelor Nation. Cheers!

Lexi Marco

Kent State '20

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