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Take a seat for this one, “Bachelor” fans, because things get quite tricky. This week, we’re talking about Monday’s episode of “Fantasy Suites” as well as Tuesday’s episode of “The Women Tell All.” This one is a doozy.


We started off this week in Portugal with Tayshia’s fantasy suite date. Colton and Tayshia always seem to have a fun, laid back time and seem genuinely happy being in the presence of one another.

I thought it was a bit awkward that production focused so much on Tayshia fixing her *very low cut* dress during the second part of their date. Colton was shown taking quite a few peeks at her, well, boobs. I’m thinking this was a ploy to get us excited about Colton possible choosing to lose his virginity to Tayshia that exact night.

Tayshia hasn’t been one to shy away from her feelings this season, and she told Colton that she’s in love with him, but Colton didn’t seem too impressed. To me, Colton felt distracted during his date with Tayshia and didn’t seem like he was in a confident head space, certainly given that he’s now down to just three women and tonight could be a very important night for him.

However, Colton didn’t do the deed with Tayshia. The two stayed overnight, but it was clear that physical intimacy was not part of their date. Although Tayshia seemed disappointed at this, they both woke up in smiles and ended their overnight date on a good, yet awkward note.

Did anyone else notice cringe-worthy Aladdin music in the background while the two were making out? I felt like Jafar and his pet parrot was about to pop out from behind the scenes. Definitely a mood killer.


Here’s where things get tricky. We all saw the way Colton lights up when he sees Cassie. She’s the only girl he just wants to constantly hug and squeeze. But, if you haven’t seen the red flags from Cassie by this point, then you’re probably not watching the show.

After weeks of speculation and warnings from the other girls that Cassie wasn’t ready to get engaged, Colton stayed confident of their relationship and kept Cassie around.

I’m going to skip over their day in Portugal and go straight to her dad climbing out of a limo to confront Cassie at her hotel. Either her dad really doesn’t want his daughter with Colton, or the show invited him to come talk to Cassie in person. Regardless, don’t we think that a phone call would have been sufficient enough?

Cassie’s dad really did give good advice this time and explained his behavior from the previous week during hometowns. Her dad explained to Cassie that they were expecting her to come home saying “I’ve found the love of my life” —which she didn’t. Just like most everything else that Cassie does, her introduction of Colton was underwhelming.

Cassie ultimately decided that her wants and needs differed from Colton’s, and it was only fair that she left that night. The second part of their date-- after Cassie’s dad had left and she met Colton at dinner-- Colton had no idea that Cassie had plans to go home and break up with him. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone so blindsided before.

What we tend to forget while we’re on our living room couches enjoying all the drama unfold, is that these people are actually experiencing real emotions and going through something much bigger than just a “role” on a reality T.V show. 

Colton was so heartbroken over Cassie's departure that he literally ran away from the cameras and crew. Can you blame him? After calling in the big guns, a.k.a Chris Harrison, the crew went on a hunt for Colton through the Portuguese countryside. How dramatic! None of this was staged, however, and we still have no idea how the show will end.

Hannah G.:

Are you forgetting someone? After Cassie's exit—and Colton's infamous fence jump—the show ended, and we were left waiting on what Colton's next move will be. Poor Hannah G. has no idea what has happened, and we obviously know that she will not be the winner this season as Colton already said he was planning on choosing Cassie at the end of the show. We have to wait to see how the conversation with Hannah unfolds during the final two episodes.


Women Tell All:

Oh, boy. A lot of this centered around the feud between Demi and Courtney and between Onyeka and Nicole. Frankly, I am so over these feuds. and I don’t want to waste much time talking about them.

However, I want to say how much I love Demi. Yes, I have complained about her in previous recaps, but that’s only because Demi and Colton didn’t make sense to me and I wanted her gone. When I take a look at Demi outside of her relationship with Colton and reflect on her appearance from The Women Tell All, I can’t get enough of her.

If you don’t know this already, The Women Tell All is basically a time for the women to hash out their issues and “audition” for Bachelor in Paradise that airs in August. It’s obvious that Demi will be offered a spot in Paradise and will show up on our T.V. screens this summer.

Hannah B., the Alabama pageant beauty with a sweet southern accent, was amongst the squad of women who gathered for the show. After speculation amongst Bachelor Nation, it is becoming evident that production is really pushing for Hannah B. as our new Bachelorette.

Although I was always a fan of Hannah B., I would have loved to see Caelynn as the next leading lady. It seems that there was no clear, obvious decision for the role, unlike most other seasons where fans push for the same woman. The official announcement has not been made, but look for the news to come this week after the finale.


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