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It’s that time of week again, Bachelor fans. Grab some tea, a blanket and cuddle up to read this week’s recap on “The Bachelor.”

Hannah G. One-on-One

This episode started us off with the women talking about how crucial this week is, with hometown dates just two weeks away. The first one-on-one in Vietnam went to Hannah G.- the woman who Colton always says reminds him of “home.”

This date got a little steamy, and it seems that production really wants to show us all the juicy make out sessions on each date…not too thrilled about this. Although we love a good passionate scene, I’d much rather hear some real conversations during the one-on-one dates. We haven’t really gotten to know a lot of the women yet, and it seems a bit late in the season to not have any dynamic personalities emerge.

During the second part of the date, we did get to see a little more depth to Hannah G. She told Colton about her parents’ divorce and seeing them fall apart in their relationship. It was a moment that hit home for both Hannah and Colton, as Colton’s parents are also divorced.

Group Date

Ahh, you guys know how I feel about group dates where the women parade around in their sports bras and leggings doing strange physical activity. That’s exactly what this date was.

At this point in the season, the women are ready to fight for Colton’s heart, and in this date they literally are. I thought it was entertaining watching the women box each other while giggling. I can’t deny that I would also be giggling the entire time.

It gave me a good laugh that Colton said he wanted this date to be “fun and enjoyable,” as if these women were going to have a good time punching each other and losing the battle right in front of Colton.

Later on in the night, Demi and Sydney showed us different sides to them. Demi sat down with Colton and called her mom who recently got out of federal prison, to say hi and check in- something contestants usually aren’t allowed to do. We got to see Demi’s emotional side and got a little more depth into her otherwise snarky personality.

Sydney, on the other hand, opened up and told Colton how difficult the show has been for her while Colton has left her on the back burner the past six weeks. In the end, Sydney left the show and told Colton that a few girls left aren’t ready for marriage. She said “don’t be distracted by shiny things,” which definitely struck a chord in Colton and viewers watching from home. There are always the few girls who seem fun, bubbly and adventurous, but they aren’t usually the ones who are ready for a proposal at the end of the show.

Kirpa’s One-on-One

We finally get some to see more substance from Kirpa! After six weeks, Kirpa is finally getting some air time, and I definitely like what I see. 

This date showed a lot more in-depth conversation and substance, but don’t forget, production only shows viewers what they want to; we don’t always get the full story. Meaning, we only see make out sessions because production doesn’t think it’s important to show the real talk; or, we only see conversations and none of the physical stuff because production wants us to like the contestant more.

Kirpa spoke on her past engagement and opened up to Colton the best she could. Colton seems interested and definitely wants to keep Kirpa around. Eventually, she did get a rose, meaning she’ll be staying at least until week 7.

Who went home?

Demi traveled to Colton’s room with the intentions of taking his virginity. Turns out, he sent her home. After realizing that Demi may be one of those “shiny things” he needed to look past, Colton told Demi that he just doesn’t see his relationship progressing with her. Very understandable.

There was no rose ceremony during this episode as Colton knew exactly who he wanted to keep around. Katie was sent home and seven girls remain for week 7.

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