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All You Need to Know About “The Dress”

So we can all move on for good, here’s everything you need to know about the dress situation.

On the night of Thursday February 26th, a frenzied debate began over a dress. According to a Buzzfeed News article, as of Saturday February 28th, 32% of their readers saw it as blue and black and 68% saw it as white and gold. The reason people are seeing two dissimilar sets of colors has to do with how people perceive color depending on how light is cast on an object.

The true color of the dress has been verified. Though the majority of people see it as white and gold, the dress was worn to an English wedding where it was confirmed to be blue and black. It was worn by Cecilia Bleasdale, the bride’s mother. I can’t help but feel for the bride. It must suck having your mother’s dress outshine yours on your wedding day!

Anyways, the dress first appeared on Facebook where Scottish Singer Caitlin McNeill saw it and decided to post it on a Tumblr fan page for Sarah Weichel, a talent manager. 

Manager Weichel: Top Right. Musician McNiell: Bottom Right

From Tumblr, the dress was posted on various social media sites and news outlets.

The debate become so well known that it attracted the attention of one of TV’s most popular talk show hosts: Ellen Degeneres. 

Bleasdale appeared on Ellen on March 3rd, and of course, she was wearing the dress.

Some argue that this was merely a publicity stunt. If so, it worked. Social media users marketed the dress in a way the manufacturers could only dream of. Everyone who has a computer or smart phone thinks of this black and blue “phenomenon” when they hear the words The Dress.

It is available to buy here

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