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I have always loved concerts. The lights that stream through the crowd, the feeling of sound vibrating through your chest and the way the music seems to connect you to those around you.

Recently I attended Noah Kahan’s concert at Bogart’s, a music venue, in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was the first time I had attended a concert that wasn’t largely popularized with swarms of people standing outside of a huge arena.

Not that there is anything wrong with going to a huge, popular concert. In fact, I have attended many big concerts at arenas like PPG Paints and Bryce Jordan Center.

But there was something about lining up in front of this old theater-esque building that made the experience feel more personal. The venue itself made you feel nostalgic with its old movie theater atmosphere and stage lights. Inside, they had a wall filled with hand-painted bricks from bands and artists that performed there previously. It was a special touch that made you feel closer to the musicians.

When the actual concert started, we were standing on an open floor trying to squeeze between the crowds to get closer to the front.

Once we found our standing spot, the lights dimmed and the concert began. The opener, Blake Rose, started singing immediately and the crowd was thrumming with excitement. He and his bandmates were so in touch with the music and genuinely having fun with the performance.

Check him out on Spotify:

After his setlist, Noah Kahan came onto the stage and everyone in the crowd was screaming and cheering.

He had such a funny and personable on-stage personality. He shared stories, some funny and some moving, that really made you feel connected to him and his music. Throughout all his songs you could tell the fans in the crowd felt truly connected and moved by how they closed their eyes and swayed to the music.

Check out what he was playing here:

It is so incredibly important to support artists you love. Whether they are top hit artists or underground singer-songwriters, they make art that can uplift so many people. Not only should we look to the artist, but also the venues hosting them. Places like Bogart’s keep the music alive and deserve to be in the spotlight alongside the artists.

So if you have the chance to go to a smaller, maybe unknown artist and venue, please do. You never know when you might stumble upon something great.

Mariah Alanskas

Kent State '24

Hello! I am a sophomore majoring in journalism.I love to read, paint, and explore new places. I am extremely passionate about the environment, health/wellness living, and traveling! When I graduate, I would love to do investigative or magazine style journalism.
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