9 Room Decor Items From Amazon Perfect for Your Bedroom

We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, and if you're anything like me, the mood always has to be right when I'm sitting in my room. I immediately turn on my fairy lights and candles, and I soak up all the cozy vibes. I found a few cute and trendy pieces of decor right from Amazon to help you make your room your ultimate happy place. 

  1. 1. Wall Tapestry

    I'm a huge fan of wall decor, and I think it adds so much more dimension and personality to the room. Tapestries do an amazing job of covering a lot of blank wall space and, in the case of this one, transporting you to another place. I love the colors on this tapestry and how beachy it is. Bonus tip: you can make it even cuter by stringing fairy lights from it or around it!

    Bring the beach home with this tapestry here!

  2. 2. Himalayan Salt Lamp

    My Himalayan salt lamp is hands-down one of my favorite things in my room. I have mine on top of my nightstand by my bed, complemented by some cute picture frames and a few of my healing crystals. It immediately calms me down and makes me feel so cozy when I turn it on. My salt lamp is relaxing, and it gives my room the warmest glow whenever it's on. 

     For the coziest vibes ever get your own salt lamp here!

  3. 3. Decorative Picture Frames

    Speaking of picture frames, you'll need some, and I mean lots of them! So much open space in my room is taken up by picture frames. Gather up all of your favorite photos of you, your friends and your family and get printing. Amazon has so many options when it comes to cute decorative picture frames, but I loved the look of this geometric rose gold one especially. Make sure to buy a few that go well together and match the theme of your room, and voilà, you have the most adorable decor. 

    Check out this frame and others like it here!

  4. 4. Patterned Tin Candles

    There's nothing better than burning a lovely fragrant candle whenever you're in your room. Not only do these candles smell good, but they look gorgeous. I love the patterned tin design of them, and I think it adds more of a decorative element to the room than a regular candle would. 

    Say bonjour to this lovely candle here!

  5. 5. LED Color-Changing Strip Lights

    I've been seeing these colored lights EVERYWHERE. They're so versatile and make the perfect addition to any room in the house, so I can definitely see why they're so popular. You can hang these lights up as trim around the ceiling of your room, on your mirror, behind your furniture, or anywhere else you think could use some jazzing up. Changing the color of the lights allows you to create any kind of mood in your room, from red for romance to blue for chilling out. They're also great to have on for parties!

    Get your own color-changing lights here

  6. 6. Artificial Plants and Succulents

    Artificial plants are awesome choices for room decor, especially if you're pretty bad at being a plant mom (you're not the only one). Succulents are cute and small, perfect for shelves or on your desk. If you're looking for something bigger, try a taller standing plant, or even get some decorative vines to drape around parts of your room. Bringing some mother nature into your bedroom is so good for the soul.

    Take a look at a pack of these adorable succulents here

  7. 7. The Coolest Alarm Clock Ever

    This is definitely the coolest alarm clock I've ever seen. It has other handy features in addition to telling the time, like a built-in Bluetooth speaker and a color-changing dimmable light. 

    Make waking up great again by getting this alarm clock here

  8. 8. Neon Light Signs

    I love the cool, trendy look to neon signs like this one. What's better is that Amazon offers hundreds of other options of neon signs like this, with designs from pineapples to hearts to words and more. 

    Check it out here

  9. 9. Hanging Photo Display

    If you couldn't tell already from this post, I'm obsessed with having photos all over my bedroom. This hanging macrame photo display is a creative and beautiful way to display your favorite pictures, especially if you don't have room for any more picture frames. 

    Click to see it here

These decor pieces are so trendy right now, and I promise they'll make your room the cutest in the whole house. You'll love these ideas and will save so much money going through Amazon to get them. Happy decorating!