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9 Cute Halloween Costumes for College Girls

With Halloween right around the corner, I thought I would share some cute and easy Halloween costumes for any girl who still has no idea what to be. Whether you want something super easy and fun or something cute and girly, I've got something for you. I even have some ideas that you and your bestie could do!

Frat Boy

You can do this alone or with a group of friends. All you need is a baseball cap, a dressy shirt and khaki shorts. 


This one is super cute! All you need is a metallic or shiny dress, alien headbands and if you're feeling festive, you can even add some glitter. 


When I think of this one, I think pink. That's really all you need - simple enough. 


For this super popular costume you'll need a sports bra, spandex/athletic shorts, a satin robe and boxing gloves. To really seal the deal, wear your hair in french braids.

Cher from Clueless

I love Clueless and all of Cher's outfits in the movie, but I specifically chose the red dress because I think it is one of the simplest ones to recreate. All you need is a red dress and a sparkly hair clip. If you want to spice it up, add a white fluffy boa.

Blair and Serena - Gossip Girl

For this idea, you could go for the classic school girl look or you can choose to do the classic blue and red dresses that they wore. All you will need is your choice of a blue or red dress, black heels and a black belt. To top it off, add a white and black polka dot headband for whoever plays Serena.

Tennis Player

This one is for the cute sporty girls. All you'll need is a white tennis skirt or pleated skirt, a solid color tank top, a visor, knee-high socks and tennis shoes. Lastly to finish the look you'll need a tennis racket to carry around (or just for the pictures).

Tom Cruise from Risky Business 

This is one of my favorites and probably one of the easier ones to accomplish. You will need an oversized dress shirt, long socks and dance props. In the movie, he uses a candlestick holder but anything that is similar to that will work.

Damien from Mean Girls

"She doesn't even go here," was one of the most iconic scenes from Mean Girls. This costume idea is super simple. All you need is a blue hoodie and sunglasses. You can also write the phrase on a piece of paper and tape it on your hoodie to get the full effect.

I hope these ideas were helpful in your costume searches. Happy Halloween!

Jasmine Maag

Kent State '23

Jasmine is super excited to be apart of Her Campus. She is a visual communications major and advertising minor and in her free time she likes to hangout with friends, read, and write in her journal.
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