The 7 Types of Guys You'll Meet (& How to Get Over 6 of Them)

Throughout your life, you'll meet many guys before finding the one. Below are 7 types of guys that may seem familiar to you, and some suggestions on how to get over them!

1.  The One with Two Faces

Often times, this guy seems too perfect to be true--in the beginning. The first three months of your relationship were normal and breezy, but you find yourself seeing new parts of him he didn’t show before. He could start acting differently around his friends, become controlling or lose interest altogether. The guy with two faces is the easiest to get over because at the end of the day, he’s not someone you’d want to be with anyway.

TIP: Make sure to protect yourself from his ulterior motives. You don’t want to end up wanting revenge on anyone, so grab your space and be careful what you share with him.

2. The One Who Lives Across the Country

Remember Miguel who came to America from Spain last summer for two weeks? Yeah, that was fun. This guy probably swept you off your feet-- his accent was too charming to resist. Alas, he still left on his flight back to Spain. You may have considered moving to Europe for a hot second, but it’s probably best that you didn’t.  

TIP: Stay in touch with this one! You never know where your next study abroad trip will lead you, and it’s always nice to have a friend to meet for coffee.

3. The One Who’s The Boy Next Door

Oh sweet, sweet middle school. This boy was probably in your math class, or it could’ve been the guy your family joked about you marrying when you were little. He’s handsome, popular and gets all the girls. Unfortunately, by the time he realizes you’re stunning and gorgeous, you’ll probably be far past high school.

TIP: You could honestly see this guy later on in life, so if you want to get him out of your head, then get him out of your space! Change up your mindset or start planning for that new career, new apartment, new friend, new anything!

4. The One Who’s Good on Paper

This boy is great: he has all the qualities you’d like in a significant other and would typically be your perfect match. For one reason or another, this boy leaves your life. It may be because you are both headed on different life paths or maybe there’s simply nothing that clicks.

TIP: He’s sweet, but try not to find yourself comparing this guy to others or wondering what he could’ve led to. If there’s not a real connection, it’s for a reason. Try to keep him as a friend!

5. The Fixer Upper

He’s not your typical type at all. The fixer-upper knows how to manipulate you, and they can sense when you’re about to move on so that you never actually do. This guy knows exactly what to say and when to say it.  He’ll use his charm to keep you wrapped around his finger, and suddenly, it becomes your goal to get him to act different, act better and become a ‘good guy’ for you.

TIP: Stay farther away from people who make it feel like you’re hard to love. Keep that block hand strong and remove him from your life, permanently. If you don’t, you’ll be stuck in the same old cycle of wasting your own time.

6. The One Who Was Your First Love

Your first love rings in at the hardest to get over. This person made you realize you were able to love and be loved in return. They were your first everything, and you hoped they’d be your last. You typically haven’t experienced true heartbreak until your first love, which makes it even harder to get over them. This is the guy who you’ll always wonder if he was it for you. What if that was the best you had? Rest assured, that is not the case. First loves are first for a reason-- take what you learned from this relationship to build new relationships.

TIP: He’ll always have a piece of your heart, but you broke up for a reason. Once you meet your first love and experience that breakup, you realize rosy retrospection is #real. It’s time to take off those rose-colored glasses and remember that what’s meant to be will be. Whatever the reason may be for your both breaking up, it’s important to remember that you can always find better. You deserve the world, and you’ll find it.

7. The One

He’s it. The one you gush about all the time to friends and family, and the one who makes you a better person. He never causes you to doubt him or his feelings for you, and he’s always there for you unconditionally. He’s rare. He’s your best friend. He’s the one you don’t have to get over: you end up with him. He may be the hardest to find, but once you do, it’ll be so worth it!