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Anyone who truly knows me, knows that one of my ultimate life goals is to be on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Ellen DeGeneres is an inspiration to so many people and a light that we need in this often-dark world. She radiates positivity and gives back to others all while making you laugh and smile. Her journey is one for the books and there are countless reasons why she will go down as a legend. Here are just a few.

The Ellen Fund

Founded in 2018, the Ellen Fund was a gift from her wife that supports global conservation efforts for endangered species. According to her website, their “immediate focus is to secure a future for wild gorillas by building a permanent home for The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund.

Her Oscar’s selfie is one of Time’s “Most Influential Photos”

In 2014, Ellen hosted the Oscars and took a selfie with some of the most famous people in the crowd. She then immediately posted it to Twitter where it got over 3 million retweets, more than any other photo in history. The photo also was nominated for a Shorty Special Award for Newsworthy Photo of the Year.

She is an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community

After coming out on television, Ellen has since and always has been an advocate for equal rights of all. Some go as far to say she is the pioneer of gay rights and one of the greatest influencers of all time. She has faced so much adversary and come out on top just as many times. Her positivity gives hope to millions who may be going through the same struggles she often faced and reminds people to “Be kind to one another” Monday through Friday to end her show. 

She was the voice of Dory

Do I need to say more? Legendary. 

She was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Awarded by Barack Obama in 2016, he stated that her bravery was important not only for the LGBT community but helped “push our country in the direction of justice.” This is one of the many awards Ellen has won as well as one of the most respected. You go, girl. 

Charity, Charity, Charity

It’s what her daytime talk show revolves around and Ellen has proved that she is anything but a selfish person. She has contributed to schoolteachers, single parents, people going through a difficult time, people going above and beyond in their community, and so many others. Ellen gives back and has the ability to make us feel all the feels while doing it.

She’s Friends with Everyone

It’s no secret that Ellen is popular with the celebrities. She’s had hundreds of the most famous people on her talk show who are her real-life friends as well. Ellen has also stated she is friends with people who don’t share the same beliefs as her, referring to her friendship with Republican George Bush. She reminds people that we are all different, and that’s okay. Yes, yes it is.

I could literally go on for hours on why Ellen is a legend, icon, inspiration, miracle- worker, etc. It is clear that she loves to spread positivity and make people laugh, which can often be very refreshing in this fast-paced, negative world. If anyone has any connections or tips on how to fulfil my life goal of being on her talk show, please share. The Ellen DeGeneres show airs Monday-Friday at 4p.m. Eastern time. Be kind to one another!

Cassidy Gladieux

Kent State '23

Cassidy is a junior journalism student at Kent State minoring in creative writing. This is her third year writing for Her Campus and first year as a senior editor. Cassidy is also a features writer for KentWired. In her free time, she loves to read, go on runs, and cuddle with her dog. In the future, Cassidy hopes to write for a digital magazine and travel around the world!
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