7 Minimalist Tattoos You Would Actually Want

The idea of having a permanent piece of art on your body seems beautiful to me. I have always been intrigued by tattoos. I don’t have any, but I have always wanted to get one.

For the past year or so, I have strongly considered getting a tattoo, but I haven’t gotten one yet because I’m scared. I'm not scared of the pain, but of the permanent aspect of a tattoo. You see, I am a very indecisive person, and also a bit of a perfectionist. I worry that if I got a tattoo and the lines weren't perfect enough or it's wasn't exactly what I wanted, I would eventually end up hating it and regret that decision for the entirety of my life. However, because I’m so indecisive, I could change my mind anytime. Who knows, I might end up getting one tomorrow. (Just kidding, mom!)

I also haven’t found the right meaningful tattoo yet, because, to me, it's so important that anything I get permanently tattooed on my body is something of value to me. If I were to get a tattoo, I would want it to make me reminisce about a time in my life, make me think of someone I love or just be a reminder of how I want to live my life. If it's going to be with me for the rest of my life, I definitely want it to be very significant to me.

I know there is a slight stigma around tattoos, although the topic is not as polarizing as it was several years ago. Some people still have a slightly negative stereotype of people with tattoos. Whether you’re all about tattoos or you’re someone who hates them, I think most people can agree that they’re beautiful pieces of art that we all can admire and appreciate. 

There are so many styles and designs of tattoos people often get, but I have always been attracted to the minimalist style. I love small, simple line drawings, without a lot of intricate details or shading. Minimalist tattoos usually consist of smaller designs, a simple monochrome color palette and clean, delicate lines which make them perfect for first-timers or those who want to be able to cover up their ink in their day-to-day lives. 

I figured I’d go on Instagram and do some research for us to find some minimalistic tattoos that most people would actually want, ones even I would potentially want. All these tattoo artists are so incredibly talented and their line work is crisp and precise. Without further ado, here is my roundup of minimalist tattoos that you would actually want!


  1. 1. Skyline Tattoo

    Cities can hold a lot of significance for people. Whether it’s where you were born, the place you grew up and call home or just a place you’re in love with, cities can be of value because they can represent certain parts of your life. A line drawing of the skyline of a city that is important to you can be a simple way to pay homage to a place that holds a special place in your heart. 

    This New York skyline tattoo is by Michelle Santana, a tattoo artist at Bang Bang NYC who specializes in single needle and fine line work. Bang Bang is a fairly popular and well-known tattoo studio whose celebrity clientele includes Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber.

  2. 2. Heart Tattoo

    I think it's safe to say that heart tattoos are probably one of the most common tattoos people have. Whether they’re in the form of matching tattoos with someone you love, or just something to remind you of self-love, heart tattoos can be appealing because they’re small and simple, and the message of love is timeless. 

    This fine line anatomical heart tattoo is also by Michelle Santana of Bang Bang NYC, and it's an interesting twist on the classic heart tattoo that will make yours stand out from others.

    Click here to visit her Instagram account that features more of her beautiful work.

  3. 3. Floral Tattoo

    Flowers are truly a beautiful part of nature. There is a delicate and feminine aspect to flower tattoos that make them so popular. They also look aesthetically appealing which is another reason so many people get floral tattoos. Different flowers also represent certain things which is another reason they can hold meaning for people. 

    This gorgeous floral ankle tattoo is by James of Tattoos Boom Zodat, a tattoo studio in Bangkok, Thailand that is known for its minimalist work. It is also popular for its UV or blacklight tattoos and adorable animal portrait tattoos.

    Click here to visit its Instagram account that features a lot of James’ work as well as the work of the other talented tattoo artists of the studio.

  4. 4. Solar System Tattoo

    We can probably all agree that there is something powerful, and maybe even spiritual, about the solar system. The size of our universe is almost incomprehensible. Solar system tattoos can embody a sense of mystery and wonder for what could be out in our universe that we may be yet to unearth (pun unintended)

    This dainty solar system tattoo is by renowned celebrity tattooist Boom Zodat of Tattoos Boom Zodat in Bangkok, and it features the sun, moon, and stars encircling the Earth.  

  5. 5. Date Tattoo

    Dates can be important for lots of reasons. Whether it is the day you or your loved ones were born or the day you met your significant other, getting a tattoo of a date can be a great way to commemorate and always remember a special day or event. Some people may even choose to get their tattoos in roman numerals.

    These matching tattoos of a couple’s wedding date are by tattoo artist Cholo of Fine Line Tattoos Melbourne who specializes in fine, detailed and precise tattoos.

    Click here to visit their Instagram account for major minimalist tattoo inspiration.

  6. 6. Constellation Tattoo

    Constellations are a part of the solar system and are breathtaking and stunning. Constellation tattoos are often zodiac-inspired since each zodiac sign is associated with a specific constellation. This tattoo is perfect for anyone who identifies strongly with their zodiac sign or just someone who loves stars (which is pretty much everyone). 

    This tattoo of the Sagittarius constellation by tattooist Zsámboki József of Paraline Tattoo is both delicate and ethereal. Paraline Tattoo is a tattoo studio based in Budapest, Hungary that specializes in dotwork, blackwork and linework.

    Click here to visit their Instagram account for more minimalist line work tattoos.

  7. 7. Quote Tattoo

    I feel like certain words and quotes can represent something so profound for people. It could be a quote from your favorite book, movie or poem that serves as a reminder of something. Lettering tattoos done in fine lines look elegant and romantic, especially if it's in cursive. 

    This lettering tattoo by artist Manue of Mauvais Garçons is from a tattoo shop and café in Quebec, Canada. The lettering says “belle est la vie," which is a French expression that translates to “life is beautiful."  

    Click here to visit their Instagram account which features work from all seven of their skilled tattoo artists.

I hope you enjoyed my list of minimalist tattoos that I think you can’t go wrong with. These are perfect if you are considering getting your first tattoo, but want to get something simple.

Getting a tattoo is a big deal, so make sure you really think hard about what you want to get before you make that final decision. It's also super important that you do your research about tattoo studios and artists whose work you may be interested in. You need to ensure that the studio is sanitary and hygienic and that the tattoo artist has the correct license and certification. Though getting a tattoo will probably hurt, it will definitely be worth it in the end!