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The leaves are falling, there’s a crisp chill in the air and pumpkin has invaded every. Single. Menu. Autumn is here! And what better way to enjoy the season than by curling up with a pumpkin spice latte and reading a new book. Here are my top recommendations for the season. Happy reading!

Life of Pi by Yann Martel

A story of survival and triumph is just what we need in these unpresented times. Plus, next time our new normal (courtesy of coronavirus) has you down, just think – at least you’re not stranded on a boat with a Bengal Tiger!

Ohio by Stephen Markley

Calling all Kent State ladies- this book is set in North-East Ohio, so it’s the perfect read as we settle back into our home away from home on campus. This mystery follows four old friends over the course of one evening as they reunite and uncover a dark and breathtaking secret.

Daddy: Stories by Emma Cline

If you have trouble making it through an entire novel, this is for you. Emma Cline, the mastermind behind The Girls, crafted 10 short stories exploring the darker sides and complexities of the human experience.

Good Morning Zoom by Lindsay Rechler

This picture book is meant for children, yes, but it is something we may all find comfort in reading during these times. A pandemic inspired spoof on the children’s classic, Goodnight Moon, will help to make sense of our new normal. 

Intensity by Dean Koontz

With Fall comes Halloween, so a spooky story is perfect! Author Dean Koontz says he even scared himself a bit while writing the novel, which surrounds man who is a self-proclaimed “homicidal adventurer,” and his may-be victims.

When No One is Watching by Alyssa Cole

For those who aren’t in the mood to be scared, but still are feeling the spooky spirit, this is a great option. A slow burn thriller, the novel tackles the topic of gentrification with a scary twist. Is it paranoia, or is there really something going on here beyond just gentrification?

Midnight Sun by Stephanie Meyer

This one is for the twihards out there, if you haven’t read it yet, get to it! Relive your favorite romance from the fresh perspective of everyone’s favorite vampire, Edward Cullen, and fall in love all over again. 

Caroline is a senior fashion merchandising major with a minor in business. She loves being apart of the Her Campus editorial team at Kent State! Fashion is her passion but her other interests include cooking, wine, yoga, reading, sustainability, and animals -especially her fur babies Sophia Lucia and Zara Bella, and yes, she knows their names are extra but she loves to be extra. Click the links below to keep up with her on Instagram and Twitter! Questions? Comments? Email her! [email protected]
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