6 Food Instagram's to Follow Right Now

Whether you like to eat it or play with it, foodies take all shapes and forms. From your traditional food blogger to the innovative food artist, my Instagram is flooded with food making me hungry at all hours of the day. Check out some of my favorite food related accounts to give your feed a little more flavor.


Mister Krisp

Jessica Siskin takes rice krispies to the next level creating anything but the traditional treat. If you're looking for the dessert version of your favorite meal or your pets made out of marshmallow, Mister Krisp is up for the delicious challenge.



One Hungry Jew

Rayna keeps you hooked on her foodie adventures through New York City with her bubbly, quirky attitude. She also co-hosts a super fun podcast conveniently named Girls Gotta Eat with comedian, Ashley Hesseltine.




Better know as Meredith Wing, this mixed media artists takes fashion drawing to the next level bringing them to life with food in the most mesmerizing ways. It’s the perfect combination of my two favorite things: fashion and food.



I’M A BRUSSEL-AH BABY* . . . . . . . (*i just want ya to know...)

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Food Baby

Coined as the “best food in NY with the cutest babies in NY,” Alexandra and Mike Chau highlight their adorable children along side of amazing eats in the city. Food Baby brings you the ultimate sass and the best snacks.



Dana’s Bakery

For the ultimate macaron porn check out Dana’s. These aren’t your ordinary Macs. Dana puts an American twist on this iconic French treat with flavors such as pink lemonade, key lime pie, peanut butter and jelly and caramel popcorn.



Harley’s Food Art

Who doesn't love playing with their food? Harley turns ordinary food items into works of art. From Miss. Piggy made out of pasta or Tigger made out of mashed potatoes, they’re definitely too good to eat.