6 Comforting Spooky Things to Do When You're Not Feeling Your Best

I am 100% the type of person to put far too much pressure on holidays, which can make the last three months of the year a rollercoaster, to say the least. I feel like it’s super common, though, to not feel your best when holidays like the beloved spooky season come around! So in hopes to prevent some less than stellar times, I thought it would be helpful to list a few festivities to do. Because we often don’t want to see too many people when we’re feeling down, I wanted to make sure I put most of these as activities that can be done by yourself! By all means, please grab a friend and make it a (virtual and covid-safe) party! But, I think it’s super important to love spending time by yourself when possible because, at the end of the day, you’re your own soulmate. Enjoy!

  1. 1. Painting Pumpkins

    Fall Produce 1

    Okay, when I say this was a game-changer, I cannot emphasize enough how helpful this is. Not only is this an activity that you can do by yourself while binging some spooky films, but it’s super helpful for those that are in more restricted living situations. In my first two years in college, it was such an ordeal to carve pumpkins because there was nowhere to put them after you were done, and the process itself is so much more tedious when you have to carry a pumpkin up three flights of stairs! Fun Tip: Rather than getting a regular-sized pumpkin, get a few medium and little ones. I feel like everything is better when it’s fun-sized, but you also get more opportunities if you mess up. Bonus– you can also wash them off and start over if you’re feeling extra creative.

  2. 2. Festive Disney Marathon

    a girl in a chair saying halloween is cool

    I haven’t gotten the opportunity to do this one yet, but Disney is my go-to if I’m feeling crappy! When in doubt, enjoy some adorable Mickey specials with your gallon of popcorn and chocolate. I also want to mention here, because I have a tendency to gaslight myself after eating food and watching TV for a few hours, making yourself feel good mentally is just as important as making yourself feel good physically. I cannot express how many times I’ve internally scolded myself for eating too many Reese's Cups while enjoying Criminal Minds, but you know what? It made me smile! So please don’t do that. Don’t think about the sugar or the damn calories. It was worth it, and it made you happy! As I was saying, there are also so many TV shows that are Halloween specials, and they will make your heart happy that it’s spooky season, so get out there and watch all the spooky television that your heart desires.

  3. 3. Pumpkin Patches and Apple Orchards

    Two women holding pumpkins in front of their faces

    It’s a pretty common thing to do this in groups, so if that’s your forte, go have a wonderful time! However, if you’re flying solo, this is actually one of the most fun things to do by yourself. I’m one of those people that is convinced people will think I’m the most sad-looking person if I go anywhere by myself. Even when I’m just walking to class, I feel like people are looking at me like, "Why isn’t she with anyone?" and why? No one cares! Odds are they’re alone too, and that’s 100% normal! Do what you want! If you want to go buy some little pumpkins and apple cider, you should. Heck, make a day of it! Get in your favorite fall outfit, take some cute photos, get a caramel apple, and enjoy yourself. Life’s too short and too hard too much of the time to not make time for just yourself.

  4. 4. Get Crafty

    halloween cupcake boxes

    I was feeling *not the best* last year, because before everyone’s living situations changed, mine changed about three times, after some roommate stuff, and I moved into a single dorm. I don’t want to make this a personal thing, because feeling lonely is ironically such a universal thing. But during that time, I taught myself to knit and started making a point to make things because it made me feel really good. I would throw on a good show and just mindlessly do this thing that made me happy. Sometimes you don’t need to do anything significant, and just do this little thing that brings you some joy for a while. Or if you’re not a crafty person, do one poorly! No one needs to see it. If you don’t want to see it, you can give it away. It’s really therapeutic, and it also gives you this really nice sense of accomplishment, especially if you’ve spent more time than you’d like in bed. A few things that I’ve love are knitting, baking, making videos (or Tiktoks), drawing, coloring, painting, sewing, embroidering or literally anything else that your mind can fathom. These are all things that can be turned festive as well, so if that’s your jam, I highly encourage you to get in the spooky spirit. I’ve noticed the best things to start with are often the things that you can multitask with, because you’re not forced to immediately focus all your attention on a single project, so halfhearted things are a good introduction.

  5. 5. Scary, Unique Makeup Looks

    My experience in makeup is slim to none, so I feel like it’s a fun thing to put on for people with either a ton of experience or literally none. It’s also seasonal because you can be as creative and festive as you wish. I have a friend that absolutely loves Halloween, and they do a ‘13 Days of Halloween’ makeup looks every October, and my goodness do they kill it! I, on the other hand, only vaguely know how to put on lipstick and mascara, and have never once succeeded at eyeliner. My point is, this is your opportunity to try it! If you think you’re the worst makeup artist, although I think I have you beat, keep trying! No one has to see it. You can buy some drugstore makeup (which is actually really good, not going to lie) and just have a good time. During this time of year, you can just say it’s part of the look or add some red and say your character got hurt, and no one would be the wiser.

  6. 6. Reading Scaringly Nostalgic Stories

    white teacup in fall bedroom

    This may not be your jam, but when in doubt, those Mickey Mouse Halloween specials are always available, both in film and book form. I really love Stephen King though, so I love losing time just investing myself in a really good story. Or, better yet, read those really cheesy R.L. Stine Goosebumps books for some nostalgia. To get really crazy, turn on some "Monster Mash" and "Thriller" and whatever other Halloween songs that make you feel like a little kid again! I know this is really silly, but you can also find some really cute and cheesy kids Halloween games online with a simple Google search. (Especially those cute Halloween coloring and activity pages, those are great too!) I feel like I have nothing but really positive memories of Halloween from when I was little, so when in doubt, go back to that! Odds are, you’ll still enjoy those memories, and maybe they’ll create some new ones as well.

I hope this helped in any possible way! This is something I would have loved to read when I was in less of a comfortable place, and if you’re feeling sad a lot and you think there’s more to it, please ask for help! If you think something is off, your gut is rarely wrong. Loving yourself and being your own best friend is the best feeling. Take time for yourself, and more importantly, please love yourself! Holidays and life itself is meant to be a cheerful time, and Halloween is no exception! So get out there and have the most comfortable and happy spooky season!