6 Ariana Grande Songs that Changed my Life

I vividly remember sitting in the bath listening to thank u, next and Sweetener on repeat last year. In fact, according to Apple Music, Ari was my top streamed artists at 29 hours. Here are six of her songs that resonated with me.

  1. 1. breathin

    This song reminds me that I just have to keep breathing. A depressed girl’s anthem.

  2. 2. 7 rings

    Ari really knew how to bring together Julie Andrews and being a bad bitch, and I couldn’t be more supportive of it.

  3. 3. thank u, next

    This one allowed me to grieve my breakups but also taught me to be grateful for them.

  4. 4. everytime

    Perfectly summed up the fact that I always go back to the ones that suck. 

  5. 5. in my head

    I always end up falling for the idea I made of a person more than the actual person. To me from me: he will not actually text you back.

  6. 6. Santa Tell Me

    Merry Christmas you bad bitches!

What Ari song speaks to you?