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College is full of so many stressful situations such as classes, internships, part-time jobs and beginnings and endings to relationships. The list can go on and on. At times, with all of these things we tend to forget about ourselves. We forget that making time for ourselves can make a huge difference in how we view the rest of the day.

I have personally used these five tricks below to help improve my day and give myself a little self care. 

Buy Yourself Flowers 

Ok, it might sound too simple but it is actually so effective! For one, having fresh flowers and plants brings a fresh atmosphere to your place. On the other hand, it’s such a kind gesture to yourself. When I moved into my apartment I was stocking up on home essentials and I passed the flower section at Walmart. I got beautiful bouquet for only five dollars and put them in my living room. I caught myself looking at them and smiling. 

Find a Blank Notebook and Just Write 

I have many notebooks that I have never filled and I have personally tried bullet journaling but can never stick with it. One day I was having a terrible day, I felt like I couldn’t hear myself think and there was nobody I wanted to talk to about it. I decided to talk to myself. I sat down and just started writing. I had no end goal to what I was writing but sometimes having it on paper can allow your mind to clear up and expand. The nice thing about this process is that you can write whatever and not be judged for it.

No matter what you write it is valid because that is how you feel.  There is no worry of someone else perceiving you a certain way or someone giving their input, when in reality the only input you need is your own. My roommate and I have been incorporating this into our night routine. It has helped us learn how to be there for ourselves and become more kind to ourselves. 

Spend One Full Day Off of Social Media

While social media is a powerful tool to keep in touch with people and know what’s going on in the world, it can also be very distracting. There are countless times that I was on TikTok or Twitter instead of doing my homework or completing my to-do list.

Along with being distracting, it can also be destructive to your mental health. It is so natural to compare yourself to other people and buy into this perception of everyone else being so happy and having it together. We catch ourselves putting ourselves down and not living in the moment because we are so caught up in someone else’s life.

Taking a step back and focusing on you, just you, is so rewarding. You can do this by turning off your notifications or putting time restrictions on your social media apps. The next option might be a little excessive but you can just delete the app for the day! Whatever helps you stick to the social media free day.

Start a New Podcast 

I used to find it hard to get into podcasts until I found one that I can resonate with. Personally I listen to “Pretty Basic” by lifestyle influencers, Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz. Listening to their podcasts allowed me to gain perspective and help my mindset on so many different topics such as body positivity and letting go of toxic relationships.

I truly believe there is a podcast out there for everyone. There are thousands of podcasts that you can listen to on Spotify and YouTube for free. Sometimes listening to someone else’s stories can just be an escape you did not know you needed. 

Make Sure You Have Enough Time at the End of the Night to Watch a Movie 

With classes being so important to us, we tend to allow the stress to take over and feel like it is the end of the world. As dramatic as it may seem, it is so true! At some point we just burn out, our minds and bodies can not take staring at a computer or textbook for hours on end. I had a TA tell my class that we have to remember to be kind to ourselves. She continued on saying that she is naturally an over-achiever and it can cause her to burn out. Sounds like something we all can relate to! She started a new tradition for herself where she made sure she put her school work away about two hours before she went to bed and ended the night with a movie. I have personally tried this, and it has allowed my mind and body to unwind and reset to feel ready to tackle the next day! 

College can be super stressful but it is so important to take care of yourself! Try one of these out and make yourself feel good today!

Melina Cavella

Kent State '24

Hi! My name is Melina Cavella, and this is my first year being involved with Her Campus. I am currently a Fashion Merchandising at Kent State University. Along with that, I am minoring in Theatre Performance. I am so excited to be apart of an organization that encourages women to empower one another and share common interests.
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