5 Ways to Give Your Style an Edge

I’m sure we have all had some embarrassing fashion moments we wish never happened in our lives. Well, mine happened in middle school and consisted of a lot of bad styling and an attempted goth phase I wish I could take back. I would show visual evidence, but I’m just not ready for that kind of embarrassment in my life at the moment. Fortunately, though I'm now 20 years old and have learned how to better incorporate some edge into my style and daily looks. I dye my hair darker, wing my eyeliner, swipe on a bold lip and add hints of black into my wardrobe. So if you’re looking to change things up by adding a little edge into your style check out these five ideas for inspiration.


Lace Up Boots

A good pair of heeled lace-up boots is great for turning a simple outfit into something cute and edgy. They’re easy to pair with any garment from skirts and jeans to dresses and rompers and are perfect for the Fall and Winter seasons.


Graphic/Band Shirt

I love pairing a graphic shirt with distressed jeans or a denim skirt with a basic pair of sneakers or boots. It’s easy to throw on but still looks cool while appealing to street style fashion. They are also fun and can even promote a certain message you want to support through your fashion. 


A Statement Pair of Sunglasses

Over the years I have come to the self-realization that I am a sunglasses hoarder. It’s ok though, I’ve learned to accept it because sunglasses are the perfect accessory to add a little edge to any outfit all year long. It’s a quick and easy way to elevate a simple look and change it into a head turner. Plus the right pair can make you feel like a real badass.


A Denim/Leather Jacket

You can wear one of these with a light shirt or (my favorite) pair it over a hoodie or flannel. Layering is both a stylish and warm trend which I think we can all appreciate, especially in Kent.


Bold Lipstick

A bold lip is a great way to take a step out of your comfort zone and try something new. It can add some spunk to what might have normally been a pretty toned down look. Not to mention changing your makeup is an easy way to change up your style without having to go out and buy a bunch of new garments.