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5 Tips For Working From Home

With all of the recent global changes, many students and workers are now working remotely. These changes can be stressful, as students/workers are now forced to be in charge of their own schedules from an environment that they are not used to working from. During this time, we all are in need of a break and time to relax, but with deadlines and assignments still in place, many have to convert their busy lives online. The following are tips to hopefully ease the transition to online work so that you can get the most out of your new home office. 

Create an office space

Working from home can pose the challenge of finding where you will get your work done. Ideally, you do not want to work on or near your bed. According to Buffer, working from your bed can decrease your quality of sleep as the screen time reduces your melatonin levels. When working remotely, the goal should be to maintain the separation of work life and home life, even if they are now occurring in the same location. If you have a desk, counter or table to work at, make sure that the space is clear of clutter. A messy space can be distracting from the work at hand.

Write your tasks and schedule in a journal

This a tip for work life in general, but having all of the assignments and tasks in your mind can be stressful and distracting. Whether you use a detailed planner or the back of an old receipt, writing down your tasks by priority each day or week can help organize your thoughts so you can focus on each task at hand without worrying about missing a deadline. Taking the time to create a new daily schedule can help you stay on track and make sure that you are only working as much as you have to in order to complete your tasks. 

Get dressed
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If you are not leaving the house, why would you change out of your comfy pajamas? It can be difficult to find the purpose of getting ready for the day if you are only going to see your laptop screen, but it is important to keep a schedule in order to stay productive. The transition to working from home can be made easier if you stay consistent with some of your routines, including getting dressed as if you were leaving the house. You can still stay comfortable by simply switching into joggers or nice leggings paired with a loose-fitting sweater, but making the change from pajamas into new clothing can help communicate to yourself that it is time to get work done. Want more outfit ideas? Click here for a working from home look book from Miss Louie. 

Set rules

If you have a more flexible schedule while working from home, finding the motivation to get work done when your bed and phone are right next to you can seem nearly impossible. Without your boss or professor expecting you to get work done at a reasonable hour, it is easy to get distracted. It can be helpful to set specific rules for your new office space, such as putting your phone on silent or giving yourself break times with limits. Setting “office hours” or a period of the day dedicated to working is important so you do not overwork yourself or get in the habit of getting assignments done right before going to sleep. These rules allow you to have some order for your new work routine. 

Stay connected

Working remotely (especially if you live alone) can be very isolating if you are not used to that lifestyle. It is important to stay social and set aside time for yourself, friends and family. Do not lose contact with those you love during this time! If you are used to eating meals with friends or family, set times to call them and eat together as you normally would. This situation is forcing us to adapt, but it should not force us to sacrifice our human need to socialize and to be supported by our loved ones, even if that is through calling or texting. Remember to strive for balance with your work life and home life.

I hope these tips are helpful in your journey adjusting to the world of working remotely. Remember to stay balanced, reach out to loved ones and give yourself much-needed breaks.

Lainey is a senior at Kent State University studying Fashion Design with a minor in Costume Design & Technology. She is so excited to be the Editor-in-Chief for Her Campus Kent State this year and to start her career in costume design for film and television. Read on for the latest on film, fashion, music and much more!
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