5 Things That Should Be on Your Spring Break Agenda

Whether you’re flying south for the break or just hanging out at home, there are certain things that everyone should be doing to maximize the success of their spring break! Many of us have such a busy start to the New Year and spring break is the first time that we’re able to step back and take a break. But with it only being a week long, it can be easy to get wrapped up in how exactly you’ll choose to spend your time. Although you might not be able to do everything you hoped, these 5 things should be essential to your spring break agenda.

1. Set aside time to relax

Many people choose to go on vacation or go home for the break. No matter where you end up, it’s so important that you set aside a sufficient amount of time to actually relax. This doesn’t mean going home and working every day to try and rack up as much money as you can. While that can be super beneficial in the long-run, make sure you take a day or two for yourself to really unwind and be in a stress-free environment. While it may be easier for those that will be surrounded by white sandy beaches, those of us that won’t have our toes in the sand can still seek out some much needed “me time” somewhere back home. A day full of things that we want to do is much needed.

2. Spend time with people you don't usually get to spend time with

Not all of our friend’s spring breaks match up, and that sucks. But we are bound to have a friend or two that we could hangout with or give a call now that we have more time on our hands. We should all be taking this time to catch up with friends and family we haven’t gotten to talk with in awhile. We can even check up on grandma that we haven’t talked to since Christmas. Being away at school can make us feel isolated from the surrounding world because we are no longer submerged in it. College is a time where a lot of connections are lost, so it’s important we maintain the relationships that are important to us. Spring break is the perfect time to step out of our bubble and see what’s going on with the rest of the world.

3. Treat Yourself

However you like to treat yourself, you should go for it! If you haven’t gotten your nails or eyebrows done in awhile, this is the perfect time to finally do it. No matter if you were too busy, low on cash or just didn’t feel like it was a priority, why not do something nice for yourself over the break. It’s perfectly okay to spend money on yourself for something you wouldn’t typically. It would be much easier to unwind and relax if you could pamper yourself as well.

4. Think ahead

As we all know, the school year can get extremely busy. Still, most of us still need to think ahead to what we will be doing over the summer. Jobs, internships, studying abroad, there are so many different options that a lot of college students have to consider. Over the break we can actually think about our options and make progress on our summer plans. If you are looking for a job, you could set up an interview over spring break so that you’ll be ready to start when May comes around. It’s also a great time to look for internships that we may want for either the summer or next school year as well. Even if over the break, you just start to consider your options, you are making headway and may feel a bit better about what’s to come next.

5. Go Outside

Take in some Vitamin D and enjoy the weather. Not everywhere is sunshine and rainbows in March, but one out of ten of the days you’ll be on break is bound to have some rays shining down. We spend so much time sitting in our dorms or apartments and the rest of the time sitting in classrooms, over break we should finally go outside and get some time with nature. After all, after the break its back to the books until summer.