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5 Things to Do in Ohio Over Spring Break!

Spring Break is finally here! I know we’ve been waiting and waiting for spring break especially since it’s later in the semester this year, and finally, it’s time. Put your studies on hold, break out your shorts and take time to relax. If you’re staying in Ohio this week, you’ll find that there are so many activities and fun places to visit. The cities in Ohio have many tucked away gems that you can experience while you’re on spring break.

Here are just 5 of those gems below!

Go Ziplining

Sometimes when I think of ziplining, I think of flying across a rainforest in a different country. I never thought that Ohio would have so many cool ziplining places especially ones located just outside of Cleveland. Go Ape! is an outdoor ziplining adventure. There are two types of activities one being the “Treetop Adventure” and the other called the “Treetop Journey.” Both activities include ziplining and jumping from one treetop to the next all while being suspended in the air. Go Ape! has activities for guests of all ages and you can spend from 1-3 hours there! This is a great spring break adventure you and a group of friends can enjoy.

Visit a historic castle!
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Not sure how many of you know this but there is an actual castle located in a small town called Willoughby Hills. Sitting on 525 acres, Squires Castle is the perfect place for hikers, nature lovers, bird watchers, geocachers and history lovers. The structure—which really does look like a small castle—was built in the 1890s by Feargus B. Squire (1850-1932) who was vice president and general manager of the Standard Oil Company. Nowadays, the Castle is essentially a stunning and well-maintained shell that you can take a peek around, go hiking on a nearby trail and grab a bite to each in downtown Willoughby.

Catch The Falls in Chagrin Falls and Go Shopping in a Quaint Small Town

The Falls is located in Chagrin Falls, a small suburb of Cleveland. Running in at 20 feet high, the Chagrin Falls Waterfall is a popular attraction for not only tourists but residents as well. When you’re done gazing at the picturesque site, take a moment to do some shopping downtown at the local shops, stop and get a scoop of Jenni’s Ice Cream or get a bag of popcorn from Chagrin Falls Popcorn.

Visit the Columbus Zoo

The well-known Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is located just two hours away from Kent in Columbus, OH. Home to more than 11,000 animals representing nearly 600 species from around the globe, the Zoo serves as one of central Ohio’s most popular family attractions and hosts more than two million visitors annually.

Cedar Point

Opening in 1870, Cedar Point is the second-oldest operating amusement park in the United States and is a great place to have fun during Spring Break. With 18 roller coasters and an 18-acre waterpark, Cedar Point is packed with fun for the whole family. To round out a full day, there many restaurants to chose from and even live bands and shows! Cedar Point is definitely worth taking a day to explore.

Even if you’re staying close to campus or just staying in Ohio this Spring Break, there’s definitely lots of fun to be had all around the state. Take a day, pick a place and have an adventure!

Lisa Evans is a graduate student at Kent State University majoring in Journalism and Mass Communications. While Lisa is not focusing on her school work, she is a faith and lifestyle blogger and loves creating her personal brand on Instagram!
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