5 Scary Movies to Watch this Month

It’s October, which means it’s Halloween...and that means I sit in my house all day and watch movies until I’m too scared to go to sleep.

Now, I always struggle to find good movies to watch that aren’t the same scary movies like Halloween, Friday the 13th and Scream. While those are all great movies they can get tiresome when you know how they end. So I always make it my goal during October to find good scary movies to watch to get me into the Halloween spirit!

So, here’s a few scary movies you can watch next time you’re in the mood to be scared or in the mood to sit on your couch and be really confused.

  1. 1. In The Tall Grass

    This movie is new on Netflix and sometimes Netflix's original scary movies can be a real hit or miss. This one is definitely one you have to pay attention to because I sat on my couch rewinding multiple times to figure out what I missed when I checked Twitter for a minute. It’s a different but good plot and gives me Children of the Corn and Stephen King vibes

  2. 2. Hereditary

    I remember after this movie finished I turned to the person I was watching it with and just said, “What the hell?” But this movie, while confusing at times, is really good and up there on my list of favorite scary movies. I mean...if you like people getting their heads chopped off, then this is the movie for you

  3. 3. Case 39

    Who doesn’t like scary movies where the plot is scary children trying to kill people? Orphan was my favorite scary movie for years, so I tend to lean more towards these kinds of movies. It’s a different plot, and I’m still not super certain as to what was wrong with the girl, but it was a good movie in the end! Also, Bradley Cooper is in it and you really can’t go wrong there

  4. 4. The Clovehitch Killer

    I love true crime and this movie gives me major true crime vibes. It’s all about a serial killer that’s never been found and this girl and boy try to figure it out and turns out the killer is closer to them than they thought.

  5. 5. Before I Wake

    Another scary movie with a child because nothing is creepier than kids, am I right? Jacob Tremblay is in this movie, and I just love him and he does a really great job in this role. This movie also has a semi-happy ending which is hard to find with scary movies.