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5 Reasons Dunkin’ Donuts is Better Than Starbucks

When I came to college I was a Starbucks queen, and it didn’t help that my campus literally has four within a mile of each other. Then I decided to try Dunkin Donuts and I have never looked back. It took me a while to get my drink order down but now that I have it, I have to restrain myself from going there three times a week. There are multiple reasons why I now prefer Dunkin over Starbucks but here are just a few.

It's Cheaper

Starbucks is known for its overpriced menu, yet for some reason, I would still spend $5 on a drink I barely liked. Not anymore! I would much rather save a few bucks and get a similar drink literally right across the street. This leads me to my next point. 

You Get More For Your Money

Dunkin Donuts sizes are way bigger than Starbucks. A medium at Dunkin is 24 ounces and a small is 16. At Starbucks, a grande (aka medium) is 16 ounces. So not only are you paying less but you’re also getting more.

Donuts, Duh?

Do I even need to say anything else? I didn’t think so. 

The Food is Better

This also goes back to price for me (call me cheap, but I’m in college, okay?). Sure, you can get freshly baked donuts but you can also get a lunch or breakfast combo meal that includes a medium coffee or tea at no extra cost. The combo meals go for less than a single Starbucks panini which is pre-prepared anyways.

DD Perks 

While Starbucks also has a rewards program, Dunkin Donuts gives all new members an exclusive coupon to use every month. Now that’s a reward. 

Next time you’re needing that mid-day or pre-work pick me up, consider stopping in at Dunkin and saving yourself a few bucks because trust me, it will add up. Now, I could keep going on about all the reasons I love Dunkin Donuts but I’m already on my way there!

Cassidy Gladieux

Kent State '23

Cassidy is a junior journalism student at Kent State minoring in creative writing. This is her third year writing for Her Campus and first year as a senior editor. Cassidy is also a features writer for KentWired. In her free time, she loves to read, go on runs, and cuddle with her dog. In the future, Cassidy hopes to write for a digital magazine and travel around the world!
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