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5 Perfect Gifts For That Mega-Swiftie In Your Life

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kent State chapter.

Christmas is coming up fast and now is the perfect time to get all your gifts together so you aren’t rushing the week before!

Picking gifts for people can be hard so we are here to help you out!

Do you have a friend or family member who is a HUGE swiftie? Like – battled in the TicketMaster war to buy tickets to The Eras Tour level swiftie? Stayed with Taylor through the Reputation Era swiftie?

Whatever level loyalty that swiftie in your life has to Taylor Allison Swift, we have gifts that will *enchant* them this holiday season!

The Midnights Initial Sweats

These sweats are from Pressed Paper Shop. They sell LOTS of fan-made merch for a lot of different artists (mostly Taylor Swift and Harry Styles though…)

While I’d say anything Taylor Swift from them would be perfect for that swiftie in your life, I feel like these Midnights Initial Sweats take the cake for me personally. They sort of remind me of those pants Harry Styles wore at Coachella with his initials on the butt (which they also have a zip up version of on their site!).

These are on my Christmas list and I am SO excited to wear them all the time. Not only are they super cute, but grey sweats are a must have in every closet! You cannot go wrong with this gift.

(PLUS you’re shopping small, which is always a win)

Merch From Mustard Yard Press

Mustard Yard Press is another site I am OBSESSED with when it comes to fan-made merch. They have stuff for almost any fandom, there’s definitely something for everyone on there.

They actually have a whole category titled ‘Tay’ that has every Taylor Swift item they currently have on sale. I personally am obsessed with their Midnights drop, which I put some photos of above. I personally love the “you’re on your own baby tee” and the “dressed 4 revenge baby tee,” but there are PLENTY more options so you are sure to find something for that swiftie in your life here!

(Again, shopping small = winning!)

The (UNOFFICIAL) Folklore Cardigan

Did the swiftie in your life miss out on the iconic Folklore cardigan when it was on sale? Well lucky for them, you can still buy it from many dedicated AND crafty swifties.

This gift will definitely cost more than others I’ve mentioned, but whoever you buy it for will absolutely love it! You’re paying for someone’s hard work to knit it together, so at least you know it’s not overpriced for no reason.

I promise you this is a staple in any swifties closet and they will cherish this gift for a LONG time!

Here’s some Etsy listing for the Folklore Cardigan.

Folklore Cardigan Etsy Listings

Are you crafty enough to knit or crochet? Buy the pattern for the cardigan here.

Midnights Vinyl Variants

Taylor Swift not only dropped a new album, but also dropped five different variants of it. There’s the four variants that make a clock on the back, and then the Target version (which has three extra songs!)

Any swiftie would love to have one (or all) of these records, and they’re pretty easy to get your hands on.

Target still has plenty of copies, and you can still order them from Taylor Nation!

Cat Themed Merch

Anyone who’s a huge swiftie knows (and loves) her cats! Lucky enough for those fans, there’s PLENTY of fan made merch for these cats.

Cat merch in general would also work for any swiftie, we’re all cat people thanks to Taylor…

Here’s the perfect Christmas sweatshirt for any swiftie, featuring her cat Olivia.

And that’s everything! Obviously there’s a lot more Taylor themed gifts out there, but these are a few that I would personally love, and I’m sure any swiftie in your life would love as well!

Merry Swiftmas and happy shopping!

Aislinn Foran is a Junior Communications Major with a minor in Public Relations . She is the current President of the Kent State Her Campus Chapter. Aislinn loves all things social media and dreams of one day having her dream job as a brand social media specialist. She loves to write about pop culture, books, and music/concerts.