5 LBD Halloween Costumes

Every girl owns at owns at least one LBD (Little Black Dress). If you don’t, I highly suggest rethinking your life. The origins of the LBD go back to the queen herself, Coco Channel. She came up with the concept; however, it did not become a universal phenomenon until it was published in Vogue in 1926.

Furthermore, the LBD is the perfect base for a fashionista's Halloween costume, or anyone looking to put something together last minute.

Step 1: Pick your favorite LBD.Step 2: ACCESORIZE!

1. Cat

What you need: LBD, furry vest, cat ears and black face paint for whiskers (black eye liner works too!)

2. Wednesday Addams

What you need: LBD with peter pan collar, black tights, black boots and wear your hair in braids.

3. Vampire

What you need: LBD, leather jacket, red lipstick and fake teeth

4. Cruella De Vil

What you need: LBD, white furry jacket or vest, black gloves, black heels, red lipstick and white baby powder for your hair.

5. Minnie Mouse

What you need: LBD, skinny red belt, Minnie Mouse ears, red heels, black tights, white gloves, red and white or black cardigan (optional!) and red lipstick

If you recreate any of these looks this Halloween, be sure to tweet them @hckentstate!