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It’s that time of year again and there are holiday-themed movies galore to enjoy during the festive season.

However, if any of you feel as I do, sometimes our most beloved holiday movies can get quite repetitive. But, there is another way to get in a shorter and equally festive binge of holiday-themed entertainment: holiday specials.

Most long-running and popular T.V. shows include a holiday special in each season’s lineup. It’s like watching an episode of your favorite binge-worthy show, but better!

season 1, episode 11.
Gossip Girl GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

An iconic and nostalgic show we all love to revisit from time to time. It makes the holidays feel both more glamorous and dramatic. This specific episode has always been one of my favorites.

Blair Waldorf ends up going ice skating with her father and his new boyfriend. Of course, not all is innocent as she has a devious plan of breaking the two up in place.

However, the true star of the show has nothing to do with the characters: New York City during the holiday season. There is something so exciting and festive about seeing the city during this time of year, and if there is one thing this episode delivers, it is definitely the magic of New York City during the holiday season.

Season 2, EpiSODE 10
Gilmore Girls Content GIF by NETFLIX - Find & Share on GIPHY

Another classic and nostalgic series comes the coming of age story of a mother and daughter- Gilmore Girls. With its usual quirky and eccentric characters involved, the holiday season is sure to be a crazy affair.

That is why my favorite themed episode always seems to point towards this specific one, where the entire cast gets together for a medieval-themed dinner at the Independence Inn. With this episode’s packaging of wacky characters, interesting character affairs and relations and horse-driven sleighs, this episode is sure to get you in the holiday mood.

Season 2, Episode 10
Angry Season 3 GIF by The Office - Find & Share on GIPHY

If you are in the mood for a laugh this season, an episode of one of The Office‘s Christmas parties will sure do the trick.

Coupled with pranks, feuds and a budding romance, this episode is sure to fill you with laughs and hopes for a successful gift exchange. Not to mention this episode is an iconic moment for the beginning of Jim and Pam’s relationship, the teapot (If you know you know.) This special may just be crazy enough to make your holiday season feel normal.

New Girl– “LAXMAS”
Season 4, Episode 11
So Naughty New Girl GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Lighthearted and funny, New Girl is yet another quick way to get your mind off the holiday season stress, while still remaining with the festive spirit.

In this specific episode, the gang gets stranded in their apartments instead of being able to fly out to their respective homes and families for the Christmas and Hanukkah season. Together, they must figure out how to spend the holiday time together. Thus bringing a whole new meaning to their friendship.

friends– “the one with the holiday armadillo”
Season 7, Episode 10
Ross Geller Christmas GIF by Stan. - Find & Share on GIPHY

Friends is the show that almost everyone can agree on. So if you are watching a holiday special with friends or family, this is definitely the one to choose.

In this episode, there is representation for both Hanukkah and Christmas, making this a more inclusive episode than others on this list. Both a classic and representative in nature, this special is a great choice to add to your holiday queue.

Nothing truly beats a classic holiday movie, however, variety can definitely be a nice change. Most of the episodes mentioned range anywhere from twenty to forty minutes in length.

Personally, my favorite times to watch these is when I’m baking holiday treats, getting ready for a holiday party or even just lounging around.

So, grab a cup of hot chocolate, a blanket and get your binge on!

Have a happy and safe holiday season.

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