5 Fall Trends that Add a lil’ Vintage to your Wardrobe

1. Flare Jeans

We've all been a little surprised, yet admittedly excited to see denim flares arrive on the scene again, right?  The fun and flattering shape has roots in the 1970s, forever associating the style with peace, love and rock 'n roll.  Today, girls are dressing up the jeans in similar fashion, pairing them with band tees, blouses and camisoles.

Try it:

It’s possible to wear flares without looking straight out of “that 70’s show.” Denim flares come in many different hemline lengths. If you stumble upon a pair that is too long for you, don’t dismiss them entirely.  Pull out a great pair of heels and hide them underneath to create the illusion of longer legs. Finish with your favorite top and you’re ready to go.

2. Rugby Shirts and Dresses

Rugbys were all the rage in the 80s. Hands up if you have an old pic of your mom in one, reclining against a locker at school!  Not only do they provide a dose of old school, preppy style, but they are also incredibly warm, making them the perfect fall transitional piece.

Try it:

Lucky for us, both rugby shirts and dresses are on the market.  Try tucking a rugby shirt into a denim skirt to mix prep and casual, or opt for a polished dress.  Bonus points if your collar is popped!

Dress: Urban Outfitters 

3. Sherpa Jackets

As the cold weather rolls in, many of us are looking for those pieces that look cute but are also cozy AF; Enter faux fur jackets. Another ode to the 70s, they were often the finishing piece of an outfit and could range from polished to bohemian (a la Penny Lane).

Try it:

This season, Sherpa is trending.  Whether you opt for a full-on fur jacket, or one with a line collar, pair it with everything from sweats to sweaters to keep you cozy enough to attend your 7:45 AM.

4. 90’s Plaid

Plaid has always been a fall staple, but this season, the print is taking a bolder stance.  Reminiscent of the glory days of the 1990s, bright colors and graphic lines have us all channeling our inner Cher Horowitz .

Try It:  

Plaid bottoms are in this season.  A great pair of tailored, plaid pants with an oversized sweater keeps you looking both professional and cozy. Don’t shy away from denim minis, either, as they are figure flattering and deliver definite vintage vibes.

5. Gaucho Pants

Most of us would love to forgot that brief stint with gauchos in the early 2000s...like that time when your mom dressed you up in that hot pink pair and flip flops for school picture day and you thought you looked hot? Some things are better left behind.

Before the 2000s, there were the 70’s where gauchos were a celebrated silhouette that offered comfort and versatility.  They were often made in simple fabrics and prints, and were paired with other trends such as peasant blouses, vests and knee high boots.

Today, gauchos are reinvented (for the benefit of us all.) Trends include plaid and stripes, cinched waistbands and frayed hems.

Try it:

To rock the gaucho trend, pair flowy pants with form-fitting tops to highlight the shape of the pants.  If you’re a denim girl, try a pair with raw edges.

Veronica Beard

There you have it, five fall trends that add a touch of vintage to your closet.  Just another reason to online shop or play dress up for hours, because fashion is better when it’s fun!