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5 Essentials for Waiting in Line at a Concert

Many people are quite shocked when I explain that for most concerts, I arrive quite early and wait in line for between five to ten hours. I understand the confusion, it does sound quite weird to go sit on the sidewalk in front of venue hours and hours before a show starts, but in the current concert culture, this is quite normal. Fans get to these general admission shows early in an attempt to get barricade/front row, and when you are going to see one of your favorites, it is well worth the wait. In order to ensure the most comfortable and positive experience when waiting for a show here are some of the must-haves to pack.

Portable Charger 

Though it’s great to live in the moment and fully enjoy a concert live, when you are seeing some of your favorite artists, you are bound to take a few pictures and videos as a memento of the occasion. In order to keep your phone alive for these keepsakes, a portable charger is a must. Plus, with all that waiting you will probably want your phone to fill the time. 


No matter the season, a blanket is the perfect thing to pack for a long concert wait. When it is cold, it’s nice to have another layer to bundle up in, and when it’s not, you may want a blanket to sit on to have at least a layer between you and the ground. Really multiple blankets is probably a good idea, especially when it’s chilly.

Cards, Games, Coloring Books, etc. 

Sitting in line for hours on end can get quite boring, and depending on the crowd, you may not have much of an opportunity to get up and walk around. So, a pack of cards, some coloring books, or any other portable activity that can help fill the time will help the long day leading up to the show pass a bit quicker.


Some venues are not in a very convenient location and may not have anywhere nearby to grab some snacks or a meal. Packing your own snacks is a safe bet so that you know you won’t go hungry. Plus, snacks can help the boredom, right?

A Positive Attitude 

Now I know this sounds cliche, but I really think it’s an important one. Truth is, some fans can be so passionate about the artist you are seeing that they can be a bit rude or have an attitude when they are trying to defend their position in line or their overall experience. This, among other factors, can make the process of waiting for a show a bit tense. So, making sure you stay positive will not only help you get through that but will also help put a positive spin on sitting out on the sidewalk all day.

All in all, I would say its a good idea to consider what you would pack for a long car ride or any span of time in which you will be in one place for a long time. Though it may sound odd to some, waiting for these shows is almost an event in itself. As you do it more, you start to recognize people from past shows as your music tastes often align, so it’s always fun to see a familiar face and even make new friends through the experience. Though the wait is long, it is important to remember the show will be worth it.


Haley Tiepelman

Kent State '20

Haley is a Fashion Merchandising major at Kent State University and is minoring in Fashion Media. Along with fashion, she loves music and attending concerts, especially in her hometown of St.Louis.
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