5 Daily Habits to Get You Going

Life can get super crazy in college. Sometimes I feel like I’m running 100 miles per minute, jumping from class to coffee with a friend, club meetings, etc. Without a solid set of daily habits, I could never find much energy to check in with my mental health or really take a breath. These five habits are ones that I have recently adopted and they have helped me find immense clarity. Try them out for yourself, too!

  1. 1. Read

    women sitting on a chair in front of book with coffee

    When I was young, I was an avid reader. I could barely wait to get home from school to continue reading whichever story I was engrossed in at the time. When I grew older and life became busier, I began losing time to read for myself. Getting back into the habit of reading, whether it be novels, self-care books, biographies or even magazines, can help give you some time away from technology and to unwind.  

  2. 2. Listen to a Podcast

    you are what you listen to

    I have recently fallen back in love with podcasts. No matter what your interests, there’s bound to be a podcast for you. My recent favorite is a news podcast called The Daily from the New York Times. I listen to the quick 30-minute episodes while getting ready in the morning. The Daily focuses on explaining and discussing one current event per episode in detail and ends with a quick rundown of other current happenings that you should be aware of. It’s perfect for non-news oriented people like me to still feel informed!

  3. 3. Set an Actual Morning Routine

    the honest company beauty

    Although sleeping in any day you have the opportunity is tempting, waking up around the same time and having a set morning routine of a few things can do wonders on the amount of energy you have. I like to begin my day by sitting down with coffee to write a to-do list for the day to make ensure I will be the most productive that I can be.

  4. 4. Drink Water

    Jar with lemon

    I don’t drink nearly enough water in a given day. Keeping a water bottle with you at all times to mindlessly sip throughout the day is a great idea, but I’ve found that making sure I drink a big glass right when I wake up in the morning helps to kickstart more consumption. If I forget in the morning, I end up forgetting throughout the day too!

  5. 5. Journal

    two yellow pillar candles with a bullet journal and art supplies

    I have been told by many to journal my thoughts when I go through a rough patch or feel down, but I never listened to their advice. Recently though, I went through a very hard time and had nowhere to place my thoughts, so I gave it a try and ended up loving it. I have since continued to write about my thoughts every night before I go to sleep, even when I have a good day. Not only does writing help you to sort out random thoughts that may be clouding your mind, but it also gives you a few minutes to focus completely on yourself and how you are really doing.