5 Cringe-Worthy Dating Experiences

Valentine’s Day may have you in the mood to start a new fling, well dating isn’t always cute and romantic. Dating can be awkward whether it’s the first kiss in eighth grade or a Netflix and chill at college. The following are a few cringe-worthy stories from some fellow females. The females have remained anonymous and given the identity of “her”.

Her #1:

I had a friend who was in a complicated on and off relationship for a while, like two years. Long story short, they finally ended, and he decided to shoot his shot with me. He asked me to go ice skating; how romantic right? Well, he didn’t feel like driving all that way, and we ended up just going to our local McDonalds, which isn’t even the bad part I mean chicken nuggets and fries, you can’t go wrong. The awkward part was, it was a double date with his ex-girlfriend, they were the only ones aware we were double dating. I don’t think I ever ate my french fries in such a hostile environment.

Her #2:

I went to Steak and Shake with this guy then to his house to watch a movie. It was awkward from the beginning when his roommate talked to me more than he did. We started watching a movie and sitting at the end of the bed. As we were sitting there with silence filling the room he asked: “Do you want to cuddle?”.  Let’s just say we never talked after that.

Her #3:

So I started dating this guy, and whenever I would go over he would always offer to give me a foot massage (a sweet nice gesture right). He said it was because I looked tense, he just wanted to help me out. Well, a couple days later I found out he actually had a foot fetish.

Her #4:

I was at a date at Disneyland, it was actually an 8th grade class trip, but my boyfriend and I both agreed it would be our first date. Back then I use to be weird about eating food in front of guys. I ordered pasta and told my friends that I couldn’t sit next to him because I didn’t want him seeing me eat (I was a little bit of a messy eater). My friends set me up so I was forced to sit with him! We sat there and after a while, he asked me “Are you not going to eat?” I said, “ Uh maybe.” He got up to get a drink, and I slurped my pasta down and tried to eat as much as I could before he came back. I had so much pasta in my mouth though that when he came back some pasta came out of my mouth (Beyond embarrassing)! The rest of the night went really well and the most awkward part of the night was when we were all ready to get back on the bus to go back. He stood in front of me, closed his eyes and leaned in for a kiss. He ended up kissing my eye! He was so embarrassed and his friends wouldn’t stop laughing so he just hugged me for what seemed like 2 minutes and just kept saying “I’m sorry”. It was definitely the weirdest kiss I’ve ever had.

Her #5:

This guy I started talking to asked me to hangout, so I went over to his dorm room. I had a crush on him the whole semester before so this was finally my chance. He gave off that innocent and shy vibe, I sat on the other side of the room for about two hours until he asked me if I wanted to watch a movie on his laptop. It was a really long pause after, like would I get on his bed? Would he come sit by me? So I finally walked over to his bed and sat next to him. I could feel his heart beating so fast, and he was breathing a little heavy, first Netflix and chill