5 Artists You Will Want on Your Fall Playlist

It is easy to get caught up in the music at the top of the charts. The catchy lyrics and beats’ streaming through car radios, speakers in restaurants and at parties make it almost impossible not to sing along. While there is nothing wrong with the current hits, there is also an unending collection of new or more undiscovered artists who you will be grateful to have discovered. Here are five of my suggestions to spice up any playlist:


Composed of Paul Klein, Jake Goss and Les Priest, LANY creates a sound that is altogether their own. With synth beats, honest lyrics and Klein’s subtle, soothing voice, the band mix together emotions from both ends of the spectrum. This musical contradiction makes their pieces seemingly perfect for any mood, time or season. Much like their name, free-flowing Los Angeles (LA) vibes sit next to more complex New York (NY) vibes, somehow creating an effortless combination. What's even greater, is that somehow, they are even more amazing live. While adding them to your playlist is a must, attending a concert will make this recommendation even clearer. It isn't often you will witness such a heartfelt performance and community feeling as the ones present during a live LANY show. This California based group will make you fall in love and break your heart all in one sitting.

Where to start:


2.) Super Far

3.) yea, babe, no way

4.) Thru These Tears

5.) I Don’t Want to Love You Anymore    

2. Dermot Kennedy

What do you get when you mix artistic poetry with R&B influences and an unimaginably powerful voice? Dermot Kennedy. Not only does the sound of his voice pull you in closer, but upon listening to his carefully cultivated lyrics, you could be convinced that you are listening to one of the greatest songwriters of all time (and in my opinion, you are). There is a haunting beauty to Kennedy’s songs. He has created a sound so different, original and mesmerizing that it’s hard to push pause.

Where to start:

1.) Moments Passed

2.) Glory

3.) A Closeness

4.) Couldn't Tell  

5.) Young & Free  

3. A R I Z O N A

With electronic instrumentals, a pop flare and an alternative/rock twist, A R I Z O N A delivers a new type of melancholy dance music. Often placing deep messages into their upbeat songs, the band confronts the problems of life while simultaneously lifting spirits up and allowing you to shake off your worries and fears. Zach Hannah, the lead vocalist, gently builds up the verses and puts full energy into the choruses, dragging you into every second of each song.

Where to start:

1.) What She Wants

2.) Freaking Out

3.) Cross My Mind

4.) I Was Wrong

5.) Oceans Away (Mansionair Remix)

4. Dean Lewis 

Straight out of Sydney, Australia, Dean Lewis brings his emotion-filled voice to the singer-songwriter scene. Smooth transitions between verses and choruses, add to the effect of each of his songs. Lewis takes you through the stories of love and life in a rollercoaster-type rise and fall and proves that simplicity in songwriting can sometimes be the most beautiful.

Where to start:

  1. Waves

  2. Lose My Mind

  3. Need You Now

  4. Be Alright

  5. Adore

5. Junior Empire

This alternative group out of London can have almost a haunting sound, but it is often accompanied by quickly delivered falsetto notes and an upbeat tempo that leave you tapping your foot. Perfect for a fall drive, their songs are seemingly made for singing along with the windows down. Each song is something a bit different from the last, making their discography even more fun to explore.

Where to start:

  1. West Coast

  2. Decide

  3. Lies

  4. Said and Done

  5. I Know

Each of these groups/artists has me hooked and leaves me wanting more; hopefully, they will have the same effect on anyone else who checks out their work.