4 Underrated Things to Do in New York

Growing up in New York I always loved finding new (and cheap) things to do. Whether it was walking around around the park or going to a new museum exhibit, there was always a new and exciting attraction. New York is unique because there is always a wide range of things to do. You aren’t stuck doing the same thing every week; there could be a new route to take to your location or a new food place to try with your friends. Below is a list of my favorite (and inexpensive!!) things to do in New York.

Dream House

The Dream House is located in Tribeca, in a tiny apartment building. The artists, La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela, rented out a space in 1993 and designed this exhibit. Inside the room there is purple lighting, candles and white noise. There are pillows spread out so you can lie down and relax. Before entering everyone is required to take their shoes off to create a calm environment. The exhibit is free, but a couple dollar donation is appreciated. The dream house is a great place to go whenever you need to just think, take a break from social media or write in your journal for awhile.


Vanessa’s Dumplings

Vanessa’s Dumplings is located a couple blocks down from Union Square Park and is a great place for delicious and cheap food. The most popular item is their dumplings. You can get them either steamed or fried, with your choice of filling. Although they have amazing dumplings, they also have great sandwiches made with sesame bread and your choice of either chicken or beef. This hole in the wall restaurant is a great place to go with friends when you want good food but don’t want to break the bank. After eating here, you can head on over to Union Square Park to play some chess, watch some street performers or go shopping.

High Line

The High Line is an outdoor path that begins around 14 Street and 10 Avenue in Manhattan and leads you all the way to 34 Street and 10 Avenue. This pathway used to be used for a train that would travel outside. After the train stopped running, the city turned it into a walkway/outdoor garden. When doing the renovation, they kept the tracks from the train as a unique addition. Along the high line, you have a beautiful view of the Hudson River. At the beginning of the route is the Whitney Museum which has a lot of original exhibits. Along the route there are places to sit, vendors that sell artwork and views of beautiful murals on the side of apartment buildings. The end of the high line leaves you off by the 34 Street crosstown bus, where there are a lot of places to eat and a great shopping location too.

Ample Hills

Ample Hills is a staple ice-cream location throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. If you are a big fan of ice-cream and outside-the-box flavors, this is the place for you. Whether it’s 90 degrees or 14 degrees outside, this ice-cream is a can’t miss. My two favorites are the Chocolate Milk and Cookies and the Salted Caramel Crack. With a wide range of flavors, there’s a type of ice-cream for everyone. If you are a big Gilmore Girls fan, they had a flavor come out right before the new season with coffee and chocolate pudding ice-cream with pieces of snickerdoodles and pop tart sprinkles on top. They even have a location right by the High Line, so after that long walk, you and your friends can get some ice-cream!