4 Underdog Glossier Products You Need to Try

If you haven’t tried Glossier yet, what are you waiting for? The cult favorite beauty brand is seriously worth the hype. From their most popular products like Boy Brow, Cloud Paint and Balm Dotcom, to some of their lesser known products, the brand makes good stuff. Like, really good. And while the popular products are great, there are also some great underdogs that don’t receive the attention and hype they deserve, so I’m here to fill you in on the top four Glossier underdogs, ya know, in case your Glossier wish list wasn’t already long enough.

  1. 1. Solution

    Glossier's website declares: “skin first, makeup second,” so it’s only fitting that the first underdog I present you with is skincare. Solution is a chemical exfoliant, promising to use a blend of acids to sweep away dull, dead skin to “improve the appearance of blemishes, visible redness, and enlarged pores,” a pretty big claim for just one product. At first I was hesitant to try it, but when I saw salicylic acid on the ingredient list, I figured I’d give it a go, and it turned out to be just what my breakout prone skin needed - and so much more. I use it like a toner over my face every evening, and within just a week I began noticing my skin clearing up and looking all around healthier, fresher somehow. I will never stop using this stuff.

  2. 2. Haloscope

    Moving onto makeup (my true love), we have Haloscope, a “crystal-infused highlighter with skin conditioning benefits,” aka a miracle stick. The stick has an inner and outer layer, the inner layer is a vitamin rich moisturizing oil while the outer layer is the more makeup-y part, infused with crystal extracts -not to be confused with glitter. I love this because while I am a big fan of highlights, for me to really love them they need to look natural, and this stick does just that. And, since it’s a stick, application is a breeze. I just swipe it along the high points of my cheeks and then tap it in. On days when I’m feeling like I want a little something extra, I add another layer or two on to make it really pop.

  3. 3. Colorslide

    This is a gel eyeliner in pencil formula, so it glides on like a gel but has the ease of a pencil. I love it for two reasons: 1) It has serious staying power. Glossier claims 12 hours and I would have to agree. 2) The shade range is insane. Fourteen colors and they’re all not only gorgeous but unique, too. I couldn’t choose just one so I ordered a bundle that allowed me to pick my favorite three and came with a sharpener made especially for them. I have Disaster Class, described as a “deep wine red,” Pretty Penny which is -you guessed it- a copper color and Brack which they say is a “woodish brown black.” I’m not sure what exactly is woodish about it, but I’d say it’s a true blend between brown and black, perfect for pale blondes like me who want something that isn’t too harsh.

  4. 4. Vinylic Lip

    I'm a sucker for a good lip product, and this is no exception. While I’m not a huge fan of Glossier’s ever popular Lip Gloss (it’s too sticky!), I do love this. I have the shade Pony which is described as a “dark taupe” but personally I feel is just a nice neutral, your-lips-but-better kind of shade (I have a very light skin tone but I have seen this color do the same sort of trick on a variety of skin tones). While the color is great, the real reason I love this so much is that it delivers nearly opaque color and a glossy finish in a no fuss, mess-proof application, an impressive feat! The one downside is that it only wears for about an hour or so, but then again that is coming from me, someone who is constantly drinking water (or coffee -gotta stay caffeinated!) and is yet to find any gloss with real staying power.

Hopefully, this has inspired you to branch out and try some of the lesser known Glossier products. If I’ve learned anything from experimenting with the range, it’s that you really can’t go wrong.