4 Things Girls with Short Hair Are Sick and Tired of Hearing

I firmly believe women looking to reinvent themselves choose to sport close-cropped cuts. Us short haired sisters are confident, free-spirited and powerful. We love ourselves and our hair, so others don’t have to. We strive to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be. However, it is tiresome even for girl bosses to listen to the following ignorant comments our peers make about our hair. 

1. Girls are supposed to have long hair.

This sentiment resides mostly with the elderly, but I have had unwanted conversations with millennial boys on the topic (see #2). Most of the time, the older men and women who chide me with this remark grew up during the era Twiggy, Mia Farrow, Jean Seberg and Edie Sedgwick sported none other than the pixie cut. The irony of their rebuke kills me considering short hair has been a part of popular culture for quite some time (ahem, flappers popularized close crops for women), including when they were coming of age.

It is also really patronizing when these individuals ask where my hair is considering I have more hair than most of them combined. All jokes aside, it is honestly best to ignore their negative attention and keep your zingers to yourself. It bothers them more when you remain cool, calm and collected. You possess the "je ne se quoi" by wearing short hair. The haters don’t. They are stuck in the past, short hair gals are not. Rejoice because our girl gang is liberated from dated ideals and ridiculous amounts of time spent styling hair!


2. Does your boyfriend like it?

UGH! He better because real women excite men and intimidate boys. No one wants to date a man-child! More importantly, your boyfriend should love you no matter how you look! If he encourages you to grow your hair out, run and don’t look back. I took a little too long to learn that lesson; however, it was quite humorous.

One of my exes used to repeat like a broken record that longer hair would soften my features. According to him, flaxen waves fit my aura more than my brunette pixie cut. I would deflect his hurtful comments and try to laugh them off. Eventually, I became so fed up with the situation! Therefore, anytime he even hinted my hair was getting longer, I would request that my hairdresser revive my signature pixie cut. Passive-aggressive? Most definitely, but it sure was hysterical to see the expression on his face when he realized all my hair went MIA overnight. I didn’t even bat an eyelash when he voiced his disappointment. The pixie is a part of me, so I sent that message. Say peace out to the boys who try to change who you are. Get yourself a man who loves you for you!

3. So . . . when are you growing it out?

You will grow out your crop when or if you want something new. You may make the decision to never grow it out ever or maybe you will after a couple weeks. In the end game, the decision is yours. Do not let other people pressure you. If you like it short, keep it short. If you desire a new hairdo, grow it out. It’s as simple as that! Do what makes you happy!

4. Don’t you get bored with your hair?

Funny joke! Short hair opens up the door to an infinite amount of styles and hues. My locks have been pastel pink, Amber Rose blonde, vibrant auburn, midnight black, chocolate brown, lilac purple, and Elsa blue. Since my hair is short, the damage is not disastrous. Short hair allows so much experimentation. I can also easily cut off and regrow healthy hair if I overdo it with my dye jobs. Styles also vary! Girls can try fades, asymmetrical, buzzed, curly, straight, wavy, slicked back, braids, buns, bangs and so much more when it comes to how they want to wear their hair! The moral of this story is that hair grows back, so you are never stuck with one look. It is easy to start over and shape your overall look into something new because of this. Have fun with your hair because you only live once!

Here is a list of my favorite crazy questions and comments I have received due to my short hair:

  • “You are really pretty, but can you imagine what you would be like if you had long hair?!” *points at my hair* (Seriously? People are unreal.)
  • “I usually don’t like short hair, but you really pull it off.”
  • “I could never do that . . .”
  • “OMG. Why did you do that?”
  • “Was it because of a breakup?”
  • “I dig it. You are like Miley Cyrus now!” (Love Miley, but actually my name is Malorie Newingham. I am my own person!)
  • “It’s as good as it gets for short hair . . . I guess.”
  • “You know guys like longer hair more, right?”
  • “This is just a phase.” (Nope, it is not just a phase. Short hair, don’t care for life!)

Even though I just shared the ridiculousness that comes with being a girl and wearing short hair, I promise there are also so many kind people who will tell you how much they adore your look! Not everyone is a hater! Just remember that either way it does not matter what other people think! In the end game, your opinion matters the most!