3 Great Book/Coffee Combos for April Showers!

April showers bring May flowers; such exciting news! However, a succession of rainy days results in an extreme case of cabin fever. A good remedy? A cup of coffee and a good read! Before you know it, sunnier days will arrive. I can’t wait to be walking on sunshine!

Three books that have helped me bide the time during these gloomier days follow! I paired each read with a different beverage that matches their unique essence. Happy Reading!

1. Final Girls by Riley Sager & Starbucks’ Upside Down Iced Caramel Macchiato

Final Girls is a thrilling novel that I could not put down. The book focuses on Quincy Carpenter. A decade prior Carpenter was involved in a horrendous massacre while on vacation at Pine Cottage, a cabin in the woods. She was the only one who made it out alive. Carpenter unwillingly joined the ranks of two other survivors of similar incidents in being called a “Final Girl”. When the first “Final Girl” mysteriously passes and the second one shows up at Quincy’s doorstep in New York City, the reader is in for a bumpy ride. This book really got me! I could not foresee all the plot twists! Therefore, while you tear through this chilling book, sip on an upside down iced caramel macchiato. The first sip will be just as unexpected as this harrowing tale.

2. The Year of Cozy by Adrianna Adarme & Golden Milk

Out of the three, this book is by far the lightest! Slather on a face mask, light a candle and sip on some Golden Milk. Your theme for the day is self-care! This delicious drink is great for your digestion and relieves inflammation! It contains turmeric! So while it is not coffee, you can find it at many coffee shops (or make it at home) which is why I chose it! I am not trying to pull one over on you!

Kent State tip: Scribbles makes a mean Golden Milk!

Back to the read, Adarme’s book is full of recipes, projects and advice that will leave you fulfilled! Each section is divided by the month. I really liked making and noshing on the "Burnt Cherry and Vanilla Pie." Plus, the book is just so pretty! I display it on my coffee table.  

3. Hector and the Search for Happiness by Francois Lelord & a Dark Roast Pour Over

This simple little read follows Hector, a psychiatrist, who is unhappy with himself, as he travels around the world trying to uncover what makes people happy or unhappy. Hector encounters many different walks of life on his journey and keeps a journal listing his discoveries. More than once, Hector sits down at a coffee shop to reflect. He is an unfussy man; therefore, I think the audience should drink a dark roast pour over to truly feel like they are sitting beside our serious psychiatrist.