10 Reasons Why Clevelanders Are On A Different Level

Being from Cleveland is a gift and a curse all in one! We're both loved and hated. People think we are some of the most loyal people ever, but they also think we’re a little bit stupid for rooting for our sports teams for so long.

Maybe you’ve hated Cleveland since you knew the city was filled with industrial factories, or since you were aware that the Browns haven’t had a playoff game win since 1994… But nonetheless-- if you’re from Cleveland, you really are special. Here are 10 ways that we Clevelanders stand out from the crowd!

1. We’ve been pushed down so many times, and we still get back up.

It’s tough being a Browns fan, really tough. Football is America’s sport, but it hasn’t been Cleveland’s best sport for a while.

Sure, we’ve had amazing wins from the Cavs and the Indians, but this town is a football town… and we gotta get back into the game.

Luckily, the majority of Cleveland Browns’ fans have been anxiously waiting on the edge of their seat since 1994, even though we’ve been told many times to move on and pack our bags when thinking of a winning season. We’re loyal, to a T.


2. We’re very humble.


I love how Clevelanders don’t hold it over other’s heads how awesome we are. Most importantly, we don’t brag about our talents or winning games that happened years ago. I mean it’s not like the Warriors blew a three to one lead in the NBA Finals…


3. Clevelanders know how to have a good time.


There’s always something to do in The Land. Whether it be going to Playhouse Square, checking out the Cleveland Museum of Art or going to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame--us Clevelanders know what’s fun to do in our free time!


4. Our food game is seriously underrated. 


Little Italy is where I feel most at home. The pasta, the bakery goodies--it’s basically Italy! When I’m there, I stuff my face. When I’m not there, I think about eating all the cake available in Corbo’s Bakery. It’s all about balance.  


5. We live in Superman’s hometown.


Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster invented the Man of Steel in 1932 in Cleveland! You can go visit Jerry Siegel’s house, which is decorated with a large Superman ‘S’ and colorful flowers during the summer. You can’t spell miracle without CLE!


6. We’re city and country people- all wrapped up in one.


Cleveland is home to the beautiful Lake Erie and many surrounding national parks. If we’ve had enough of the bustling sidewalks for the week, we can channel our energy and go on some hikes around CLE.


7. We’re no strangers to the Hollywood scene.


There are so many movies that have actually been filmed in Cleveland. Maybe you’ve heard of Avengers, Spider-Man 3, or Captain America??? I mean, yeah, we’re basically famous so don’t sleep on us.


8. Our bodies are acclimated to all of the seasons.


Whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter--Clevelanders can handle it all. Our bodies have adjusted to extremely hot and cold temperatures. We’ve driven through 10 feet of snow and successfully lived to tell the tale! We’re invincible

9. It’s a bit crazy how good our healthcare is.

Clevelanders are beyond lucky to have multiple world-renowned hospitals located right in our city. The Cleveland Clinic is the #2 hospital in the nation. Patients travel from all over the globe to receive care at the hands of our doctors and nurses

10. We defend and protect our land.

Even if you hate Cleveland, it’s gonna be pretty hard to find someone from Cleveland who’s willing to openly trash on our city. If we do trash on our city, it’s our city to trash. It’s like when someone bullies your younger sibling. You know that the only one who’s allowed to bully them is you! The same goes for Clevelanders. We may not always like everything about Cleveland, but it’s still our home at the end of the day.