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What’s the Big Deal with Aluminum-Free Deodorant and My Experience

If you have been on the internet for a while then you may have seen this new rave about using aluminum-free deodorant over regular deodorant. 

Many have been concerned about the health risks that they could be prone to with using aluminum-based antiperspirants. 

A main health concern is the link between using aluminum based antiperspirants and breast cancer. Though it has not been scientifically proven that there is a distinction with the two and it has been studied medically. The studies alluded to the fact that aluminum salt could possibly be absorbed into the skin and build up in breast tissue causing cancer.

As a result of concerns like the risk of breast cancer, some people turn to aluminum-free options. Aluminum-free deodorant has been characterized as being a safer option than the traditional brands of deodorant we have been known to use.

My experience…

I personally have tried out several different aluminum-free deodorants since spring this year. I will say that the experience was a hit or miss situation.

The first aluminum-free deodorant I tried was the Schmidts brand, and I hated it. I felt that it was too harsh on my skin, and my armpits actually had a reaction to it, making the texture harsher and darker. After that, I moved on to the infamous Secret brand’s version of aluminum-free deodorant. This product was not as bad, but I just felt like it sweats off too fast for my liking. I found myself constantly reapplying deodorant during the day, and after a while, it got annoying. 

My best experience with aluminum-free deodorant has been with the Tom’s of Maine brand. The product went on well with my skin, and it stayed on longer than two hours. I have heard that the Native brand was really good, but I haven’t tried it yet. I will say it is a little expensive compared to other brands, so be aware of that.

Right now, I am using the Dove Even Tone deodorant to fix the discoloration I got from the Schmidt brand, and I love this product. As far as aluminum-free deodorant goes, I am willing to give it another try once the weather begins to cool down in Georgia. I am looking forward to trying the Native brand in the future because it appears to be really promising as far as what I am looking for in deodorant.

Ambria Burton

Kennesaw '22

Ambria is a junior at Kennesaw State University where she studies journalism and political science. She enjoys listening to music, spending too much time on Pinterest and learning about entertaining things within the world. She hopes to write for a publication once she graduates.
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