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What I want from the characters of Euphoria in Season 3

Season 2 of HBO's hit series Euphoria just finished airing. Many of us are wondering what we are going to do because it looks like we are not getting season 3 until 2024. Several of the main characters including the star of the show, Zendaya, have a few projects lined up before they can focus on filming season 3. In the meantime, many fans have shared what they want to see from the characters in the next season. Here is what I want to see from the crazy teenagers in season 3.


I like where we left off with Rue at the end of season 2. Her skin was glowing, and she was completely sober and in the right state of mind. She looked the best she had ever been in a while. I was glad to hear that she finished the school year sober, so I wish she could stay like this for the next season, but that might not be the case. There is still so much unfinished business that could take an emotional toll on her and affect her state of mind. She still doesn’t know that Jules cheated on her with Elliot and she lowkey still owes over $10,000 to that lady Laurie. Also, she has to find out about Fez and Ashtray at some point too. I want to see her being more present for the people in her life, like her sister, Gia, Lexi, and even Fez, who just lost his little brother. Those people bring out the best in her because they understand her the most. Ultimately, I want Rue to figure out who is good for her to keep around and who she needs to let go of.


I want Lexi to continue with this journey that she started for herself with the play. She gained a lot of confidence in herself throughout this season, and I want to see more of that. Since Fez is most likely in jail and became close this season, I want to see how she reacts. I would love to see Lexie turn to Rue more like she did when they hung out after the play. I want her to not worry about saving the day for Cassie like she consistently does because it seems like Cassie doesn’t appreciate it. She should make Cassie try to be there for her her rather than vice versa.


I want Queen Maddy to have a non-traumatic season. Is that too much to ask for Sam Levinson? She’s been through a lot, and I think she finally deserves a break. I want to go through a season without her being traumatized by the satanic being that is Nate Jacobs. Next season we should see more happy moments from Maddy as we did earlier in season 2. Seeing her be a good friend and focusing on herself is the version of Maddy we should see more of. I would like to see her let go of both Nate and Cassie because they could care less about her.


I believe that we will see a darker side to Fez, which will make many fans sad because he was the comfortable character of the show that brought the most humor. I feel like there is a very slim chance that Fez will not be in jail during season 3. In a perfect world, the police believed that Laurie was responsible for killing Mouse and was the one that went to jail instead of Fez, but we know that is not going to be the case. I want Fez to properly grieve the death of Ashtray since, besides his grandma, who is not present, that was his own family. Hopefully, he has Rue and Lexi to help him during this difficult time.


In season 3, we need to see more about what is going through Jules’s head to understand her emotions and why she does what she does. She does not get a lot of grace from a good chunk of the viewers, and I think that is because we don’t see things from her perspective a lot. She needs to come clean to Rue about her cheating with Elliot because that cannot be avoided. Maybe she should give Rue some space for a little bit, and then perhaps she can work her way to be friends with her. Jules should remain single for a while and focus on her and not relationships.


I want her to have a decent storyline. We missed a lot of her in this last season. Many people believe that the filler scenes in this season could have been replaced with more Kat scenes, and I agree. Some rumors spread about how Barbie Ferriera and Sam Levinson, the producer, got into a dispute about Kat’s character, which resulted in many of her scenes being cut. It wasn’t confirmed to be accurate, but it does make sense. I want her camgirl story arc completely abandoned and not only to see Kat struggle with her self-worth in her body. I feel like there is more to Kat to dive into than just focusing on her body image just because she is plus-sized.


I want to see Cassie reap the consequences of her actions. She ruined all her friendships and kind of damaged her relationship with her sister, so she has no one to turn to. I don’t think she should have gone without therapy after the abortion because that was probably really hard on her. She needs that time to herself in seasons 3 to reflect on what her actions have done to people and get therapy. I do not under any circumstances want to see her in another relationship because Cassie is too dependent on her relationships with the guys she gets with. I want her to drop this Maddy impersonation that she tried to copy and be herself. I also want her to understand that Nate is not the good person she should want in her life. Can we bring season 1, Cassie, back in general because I’m not a fan of season 2, Cassie?


The only thing we deserve to see from Nate Jacobs in season 3 is him in a jail cell. It boggles me how he always ends up being untouched while causing most of the havoc in this show. I want to see him stay away from Maddy and leave her alone. The same goes for Jules because he is obsessed with her. I want to see him finally acknowledge his issues with his sexuality because that plays a big part in the rage he possesses. All he does is ignore it, which is not working for him.

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