What HC at KSU is Thankful For

Here are some quotes from our Her Campus members on what they are most thankful for this year!

  1. 1. Kayla Hughes

    "I’m thankful for another year , family, and progression... and graduation lol"

  2. 2. Taylor Martin

    "I’m thankful for growth within the past year"

  3. 3. Jazmine Mills

    "I’m thankful for my family"

  4. 4. Emily Rubin

    "I’m thankful for my friends, my pets, and my family"

  5. 5. Jasmine Holland

    "I’m thankful for the ability to pursue my passions and also thankful for how much i’ve learned about myself this year"

FINALLY it's Thanksgiving Break! What are you most thankful for? Happy Break Owls!