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Watching TV is one of my favorite ways to spend my time. And during quarantine, I got to revisit some of my favorite shows that, I believe, should have gotten another season. In fact, I know that I’m not the only person that believes this about some of these shows because I’ve signed petitions to try and keep them going. Unfortunately, those haven’t worked out, but I want to spread the word about these really great shows! So, I’ve come up with a list of five shows and three honorable mentions that I think y’all should check out. After you watch them, let me know whether or not you think they deserved another season!

1. The Secret Circle (CW)

TSC is a show that I watched for the first time in middle school. It ran from 2011-2012 on the CW Network. (I watched it after it had already been canceled, and I’m sure you can feel my pain.) The Secret Circle follows a young girl, Cassie Blake, settling into a new town with her grandmother, following her mother’s suspicious death. But the town is not what Cassie expected it to be, and neither is her new neighbors. At the risk of spoiling something given away in the first episode — the town is full of witches, and Cassie happens to be one of them. The show is about her discovering who she really is, the truth about her parents, and the friendships/enemies she makes along the way. It’s a little darker than current CW shows. But that’s why I loved it. I fell in love with the characters, and I’ve even followed some of the actors from the show throughout their careers. The show left off on a cliffhanger, so a second season was supposed to happen. Unfortunately, it was canceled, and we only have the book series to tell us what may have happened in it.

2. The Order (Netflix)

You guys may be seeing a pattern in the type of shows that I watch with this one. It’s also a show about witches! Though, this one also has werewolves, demons, and a lot more comedy than TSC had. The Order is a more recent show. It ran from 2019-2020 and had two seasons. Like the other shows in this list, it was canceled much too early for the fans’ and writers’ likings. The show follows Jack Morton, a new student at Belgrave University, joining the school’s secret society and the war between its witches and werewolves. I think the main reason I liked this show so much was that I watched it during my freshman year at college, which connected me to Jack, and it’s really funny. (They curse a lot, though, and it tends to be very graphic, so it may not be rated E for everyone — if you know what I mean.) The writers were forced to end the show way ahead of schedule for some unknown reason. I suspect it could have been budget or ratings, but I’m not sure. I still have hope that some other network or streaming service could pick it up.

3. The Shannara Chronicles (MTV)

This show is probably the most difficult one to explain on the list. It ran from 2016-2017 and had two seasons. It’s a fantasy show about several different species and the future of the lands that they share/govern. It also has a post-apocalyptic vibe, though, because it’s set on Earth after the end of the world. (They even go into an abandoned high school in season two.) The Shannara Chronicles has druids, elves, magical trees, humans, demons, and other species. But the part that I liked the most was the three main characters, their interesting love triangle, and the heroic journeys they went on together — despite the shady ways they met. This show could have ended early for several reasons. The actors could have gotten better offers from other shows/films; MTV could have cut it for their own reasons. But it left off on a cliffhanger, and I’d at least want another season to see how that played out.

4. Dare Me (USA)

Dare Me is also a pretty recent show. It ran from 2019-2020 but only had one season. It’s a mystery or thriller type show that follows a team of cheerleaders, their coach, and the people close to them. When I first started watching the show, I had no idea what I was in for. At first, I thought it was just a show about high school cheerleaders/popular girls. But, it actually covers much more serious topics than that. It kind of gives off You, Pretty Little Liars, and Fab Five: Texas Cheerleader Scandal vibes. (Or, at least it has the potential to.) Though it only had one season, I don’t want to say too much about it. It’s on Netflix now, so there’s a slight chance it could get another season. (I’ll cross my fingers.)

5. Star (Fox)

Star is the longest-running show on this list with three seasons. It ran from 2016-2019, but it left off on a cliffhanger like all the others. From interviews that I’ve watched, it seems like Fox decided not to continue with this show during an assessment of all of the network’s content. Empire, another show created by Lee Daniels, was much more popular and valuable at the time. So, that show got another season, and Star was canceled. (The shows existed in the same universe/were sister shows, and there were a couple of crossovers. Star‘s cancelation was very unexpected and disappointing.) The show followed three girls, Star, Alex, and Simone, chased their dreams of conquering the music entertainment world. It was filled with drama, great music, and amazing actors (including Queen Latifah). Unlike the other shows on this list, though, I don’t think this show has much of a chance of being rebooted with the same cast. The main actresses are very busy with different business ventures now. Regardless, I loved this show, and I was sad to see it go. 

Honorable Mentions

My honorable mentions contain shows that could still be renewed for another season, as well as some older ones that probably won’t be renewed at all. They’re still really great, though. And I hope that this list introduces you to shows that you hadn’t considered watching before.

  1. Julie and the Phantoms (Netflix) — If you like ghosts, awesome music, and Kenny Ortega’s work, you’ll really enjoy this. (This one still has a chance at a second season, as well!)
  2. Star Crossed (CW) — If you like aliens finding love with humans, you’ll enjoy this one season show.
  3. Midnight, Texas (NBC) — If you enjoyed Teen Wolf, you’ll like this. (It’s targeted for a more mature audience.)

I tried to include some different shows that a lot of people either haven’t heard of, or could enjoy no matter their age. All of these shows are more than deserving of another season, in my opinion. They’re all great. In fact, I think that some of them would do much better now than they did when they originally aired. I’d love to hear what you all think, though. All of these shows are either still available on their original network or are on various streaming services. Happy watching!

Hi, I’m Jazmine! I am an English Education major at Kennesaw State University. I am also a writer for HC at KSU. Follow me on Instagram! (@jazminenxcole)
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