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Although deeply rooted, February has historically been a month for chocolate, gifts, cards, and romantic outings. Valentine’s Day is the opportunity for boo-ed up lovebirds and single Galentines alike to celebrate the special four-letter word we know as love. However, most of us forget that the most special person in our lives is the one who we meet in the mirror every day. Whether you are single or taken, it is important to make a priority out of loving yourself. In the midst of caring for others, self-care is often overlooked. This February, make a commitment to cater to yourself. Extend the same respect, compassion, and affection that you willfully give to others. Follow these suggested activities that go along with the eight areas of self-care and truly treat yo’self!


  • Physical self-care involves how you fuel your body to carry out daily activities. It includes movement, nutrition, and sleep. Step your game up a notch to fulfill this area. Buy yourself a cute set of workout attire and hit the gym. Regular physical activity not only improves muscle strength and endurance, but it can also help you build your beach body just in time for Summer!


  • Psychological self-care deals with learning new things, practicing mindfulness, and engaging in consequential thinking. To achieve this area, let your brain fly and put your phone on airplane mode for at least an hour. Challenge yourself to sixty minutes where you rid yourself of mindless social media scrolling and outside contact. Eliminating distractions can help you think clearer and deeper about your personal life. Positive vibes only!


  • Emotional self-care involves a wide range of human emotions and dealing with them effectively. To achieve this area, bubble up your emotions through music and recognize that you are the bomb! Take a long bubble bath, use your favorite bath bomb, and have a personal concert where the artist is none other than YOU! Researchers have discovered that different types of music elicit different types of emotions. If you want to get sappy, turn on a Drake song. If you want to bring light to a past love situation, hit play for Ariana Grande. If you’re feeling more like a savage, look no further than Megan Thee Stallion. Bonus, there is no one present to judge your music selection!


  • Professional self-care deals with discovering your purpose in life, managing your weaknesses, indulging in your strengths, and working towards your goals. See your dreams through to fulfill this area. Create a vision board to make your aspirations come alive. Vision boards allow you to expand your creativity while motivating yourself towards the end goal(s). Manifestation is key!


  • Social self-care involves a healthy network of relationships. Every individual person is a part of a bigger system: a friend group, a family, a community. Not surprisingly, the well-being of those systems depends on the well-being of their parts. To achieve this area, cut the loneliness and take action. Gather with a group of friends and have a movie night, even if it has to be virtual due to COVID. Surrounding yourself with those who love and care for you while doing something fun helps to build healthy connections. Our relationships not only give us emotional support and encouragement, but they also influence the health and longevity of life. Don’t forget the popcorn and snacks!


  • Environmental self-care deals with promoting the wholeness of things and others around you. Recycle positivity and volunteer in your community to fulfill this area. Volunteering greatly benefits others and you! It keeps you in regular contact with others and helps develop a solid support system. This, in turn, protects you against stress and depression when you are going through challenging times. Go green or go home!


  • Spiritual self-care involves the beliefs and values that are important to you. To achieve this area, go on a “stay-cation” and reflect on your values. Pack your bags and head to your nearest hotel for a mini escape, whether you have money to blow or want to ball on a budget. Places like the Hilton Resort, The St. Regis, and The Ritz Carlton not only offer romantic specials for couples, but they also do the same for single ladies. Look for offers such as the Ms. Independent Package, which includes spa, room, and drink deals that are perfect for luxurious “me-time”. Glow girl!


  • Financial self-care deals with being responsible with your money. If the most exercise that you have done in the past few months is running out of money (all of us are guilty), secure the bag to fulfill this area. Be in control of your money and invest in a budget book. Budgeting helps you stay on top of your financial goals by managing your savings and keeping you aware of debt. DIY to enhance your creativity or purchase one from retailers such as Walmart and Amazon. Money doesn’t solve all problems, but budgeting does solve money problems!


After spending most of your time caring for others, you deserve to spend some time catering to yourself. Treat these areas of self-care like a bucket list that you can complete multiple times. Remember, these activities are only suggestions because the possibilities are endless. If you are still searching for that special person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror. This month (and for months to come), love the work in progress that is YOU!



Angela Hyman

Kennesaw '23

Greetings beauties! My name is Angela and I'm a senior at Kennesaw State University double majoring in Nursing and Integrated Health Science. I strive to help others because I have been blessed to have overwhelming guidance and support myself. I love all aspects of beauty from makeup to encouraging women to radiate their inner beauty through confidence, achievement, leadership, and service. I joined Her Campus at KSU not only for the sisterhood aspect, but also in hopes that my writing will shine a positive light in the lives of others in some way. We have so many great things to share with you! Follow our team so you'll never miss our articles!! ❤️
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