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Top 10 Essential R&B Songs for a Romantic Valentine’s Day Playlist

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kennesaw chapter.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, most of us need to prepare for the big day that love seems to fill the air just a little bit more than usual. Whether you’ll be going out with your significant other or just staying in and catering to yourself, good music is an essential addition to the day. A perfect playlist is necessary for any and every occasion. When you look at your significant other from across the dinner table with the smooth sounds of Sade or Anthony Hamilton in the background, it makes the moment so much better. Or even when you’re doing your makeup before going out to the movies with your friends while Ari Lennox is playing in the background, it makes you realize even more that self-love is really the best love. Here are my top ten picks for the perfect playlist to stream on a perfect Valentine’s day:

Rick James & Teena Marie- Fire and Desire 

“you showed me what a love could do”

This is an essential song to any true passionate love story. In this song, Teena and Rick belt out some smooth notes expaining their love full of fire and desire

K-Ci & JoJo – All My Life

K-Ci & JoJo explain the longing they’ve felt before meeting their loved one and how they finally have found them and fell madly in love in All My Life. This is a perfect song for a loved one you are so grateful to have met. 

Tevin Campbell – Can We Talk

This is the perfect song to send to your crush on Valentine’s Day. In Can We Talk, Tevin Campbell is lyrically talking to the girl of his dreams, longing to get to know them. 

Monica – Why I Love You So Much

In Why I Love You So Much, Monica gives us all the reasons why she loves her man so much. The imagery she creates of a love so loyal and sweet is enough to make anyone’s heart melt. 

Tamia- Into You (feat. Fabolous)

In the feel good song, Into You, Tamia and Fabolous describe how they have found a love that is inexplainable, but they love every second of it. From loving each other’s insecurites to being there when they need someone the most, all of the most loving things are covered in this song. 

The Point of It All – Anthony Hamilton

So many people imagine having someone who they can’t stay away from too long or they feel incomplete. In Point of It All, Anthony describes a love in which he has found someone is a major part of his life and when he can’t be near them his days feel empty.

Dreamville – Got Me ft. Ari Lennox, Omen, Ty Dolla $ign & Dreezy

“I got you long as you got me”

In Got Mea love full of balance and harmony is perfectly described. 

Xavier Omär – Blind Man 

In Xavier Omär’s Blind Man, he passionately belts about how his loved is so beautiful he could love them with his eyes closed. A love about inner beauty rather than outer beauty is something so essential for a long lasting relationship. Play this for your boo to let them knowthat your love is more than just physical.

Blessed- Daniel Caesar

Daniel Caesar, an artist who’s music we all know and love, sings about how blessed he is to have a love to come back home to in Blessed. We all have someone in our life who we are blessed to know and be able to give and recieve love and affection from. 

Dreamville – Self Love ft. Ari Lennox, Bas & Baby Rose

Finally, Dreamville sings about self love being the most important love while love from others can be the most harmful. Taking a needed break from a significant other can be a difficult but large part of self love. If you are in absence of someone during Valentine’s day, this song reminds you to love yourself even more than anyone else could by doing what is best for you. 

For a lot of people, music is the way to their heart. 

You don’t need a significant other to enjoy these songs, some of these can make you think of a close friend, someone who you can always count on, or even yourself, someone you will always have no matter what. I hope you add these to your playlist and it adds to your experiences with love. No matter what you do on Valentine’s Day, know that you are loved and celebrate it fully; what’s a celebration without music?

Jasmine Holland

Kennesaw '22

I am a junior marketing major at Kennesaw State University from Augusta, Georgia #706 :) I love to write about topics relating to my own experiences, fitness, veganism, and anything that could make someone happy and/or motivate and inspire them. //ig:@plantingjasmines //ig: @jasminexmonique
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