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Tik Tok’s Latest Trend “Euphoria High” Takes Over for Season 2

As new episodes of the second season of HBO’s Euphoria are being released weekly, many fans have been participating in the Tik Tok trend, “Euphoria High.”

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Euphoria is a show about high school student Rue Bennett, played by Zendaya, who struggles with substance abuse as she finds her way through her adolescent life. The show also showcases her friends, peers, and Nate Jacobs, whose lives are filled with craziness, drama, and pure chaos.

The show is widely known for the outlandish fashion and behaviors the characters carry out for them being young high school students.

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As many Tik Tok trends, Euphoria High is dedicated to making fun of the perks of the show. A lot of the videos are in the POV format, where users pretend they are in the Euphoria universe in the same setting as the characters of the show, like the high school. Though the name is East Highland High School, many people didn’t remember and hilariously dubbed it as Euphoria High.

Some of the videos are catered to fashion, where people walk in wearing regular clothes, remember they go the Euphoria High, and come back in a more bizarre outfit.

Others are fun POVs of “teachers” who work at the not-so-normal high school.

Ultimately the trend is just another fun way for fans to showcase their creativity and appreciation for the show.

Trailer for season 2!

Be sure to tune it for Euphoria’s 2nd season on Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on HBO and HBO Max.

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