SPOILER ALERT: Beyoncé SLAYS In Her New Netflix Documentary

We are not worthy! We are not worthy! Our wonderful, lowkey, always stunning Queen B has returned but this time with a look behind the scenes of her iconic Coachella performance AND a new album to go along with it! WHAT? Ummm, yes, please!

Even though I was wasn't able to experience Queen B up close and personal this Netflix documentary totally made me feel like I was! The first eight minutes I was already mesmerized. Beyoncé, her dancers, and the band are JUST THAT amazing. The documentary highlights the amount of work, time, and energy it took to put into the whole performance and how Beyoncé included her past and black history into her performance. In the documentary, Beyoncé was adamant about not only having HBCU life incorporated into her show but let it be the highlight.

Small break: the transitions between the two performances, FLAWLESS!

Now, this documentary is two hours, let me tell you I was staring at the screen the WHOLE TIME! Queen B demands our attention, and I'm not mad about it at all. Beyoncé displays how it was tough getting back into her groove after having her adorable twins, the hard work she needed to put into getting back "to her old self" but in the process realizes she is evolving into a new woman. (Ugh I love her!)

Let me just say this is NO ordinary documentary. Beyoncé gives us more than just what we WANT to know, she tells, expresses, heals, loves, stresses, and celebrates within the documentary and that's what makes the Queen so relatable.

The documentary in its entirety had me speechless and so appreciative of the hard work and dedication that not only Beyoncé brought to the Coachella performance but all of the behind the scenes workers, dancers, band members, Beyoncé's family, anyone that was involved I appreciate you. You made THE most iconic performance in Coachella history. Maybe even in music history? 
Don't worry I won't spoil everything for you but just know the Queen NEVER disappoints. Beyoncé will always reign supreme in my books!
Brb, I'm going to rewatch for the thousandth time and sign up for Beyoncé College.