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She gave you a kidney!: Thoughts on The Selena Gomez and Francia Raisa Situation

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I’m sure you all have heard about the discourse between Selena Gomez and Francia Raisa over a comment that Gomez made stating that Taylor Swift is her only friend in “the industry”. If you haven’t, buckle up. It’s been all over social media and many popular news outlets have picked it up. Raisa ended up expressing her unhappiness over the comment because, as we all know, she and Gomez were very close friends–close enough for Raisa to give Gomez her kidney. There’s a lot to this situation.

There is speculation that Selena Gomez was only referring to the music industry– not the general entertainment or acting one that Raisa is a part of. Some fans are saying that Raisa’s comment makes her come off as though she donated her kidney looking for something in return from Gomez and is now upset because she wasn’t credited. Others believe that Gomez should have at least mentioned Raisa, considering their past and obviously close relationship.

Unfortunately, I’m not going to give you the low-down on the situation and their entire friendship timeline. You can find that in a People’s article. I’m not here to summarize and recap the situation for you, either. Cosmopolitan has already done that. But I do want to talk about the situation, share my thoughts, and ask you all to do the same if you haven’t already. So, here’s what I think.

Selena Gomez should be thankful and grateful to Francia Raisa for saving and prolonging her life. Giving someone your kidney is not an easy thing to do. You’re voluntarily going through mental evaluations, pain, surgery and recovery that you don’t need in order to help someone else. That’s not something you do because you expect something in return and it’s not something that the person receiving the kidney should take lightly or ever forget.

Yes, Gomez has dedicated an award to Raisa already and possibly views Raisa more as family than as a friend. But if she were really grateful and truly saw Raisa as family, she wouldn’t have responded so ignorantly to Raisa’s comment that clearly showed how hurt she was. In that situation, you apologize. The girl gave her a kidney; she saved her life! Raisa’s feeling disrespected over Gomez’s comment had nothing to do with her expecting something in return for that. It’s common sense. It’s human decency. She should feel disrespected and she has a right to express that.

This situation is much bigger than friends falling out or celebrities feuding over something trivial. I’m honestly disappointed in Selena Gomez’s response to it all. I understand that Francia Raisa donated her kidney years ago. I understand that a lot of things have happened since then and people grow apart. If that is what happened between them and Taylor Swift is truly Gomez’s “only” friend in the industry, I’m glad they have that connection. But, due to Raisa’s reaction to it, I don’t think that’s the case. It feels like there’s more there. Gomez could have been talking solely about the music industry. It could all be a big misunderstanding. However, there seem to be some true hurt feelings over it and I do think she’s in the wrong here.

Francia Raisa, allegedly, wasn’t mentioned in her documentary either. For someone that has done something so significant to not be mentioned at all and be disrespected publicly is wrong. It doesn’t matter which industry she was talking about. Selena Gomez has always been involved in both the music and general entertainment industries. The overall entertainment industry is the one people associate her with– she’s an actor and a singer. She should be well aware of that. I do think she owes Raisa an apology, at the very least. It doesn’t have to happen online for the whole world to see, but I do think it needs to happen.

I hope that both Gomez and Raisa can work it out and squash whatever beef there may be. I don’t think Gomez is a bad person, but I do think she should take some accountability for her actions and how her words hurt someone that made a huge sacrifice for her. What do you all think?

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