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Album cover for SEVENTEEN - ; [Semicolon]
Album cover for SEVENTEEN - ; [Semicolon]
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SEVENTEEN – ; [Semicolon] Album Review

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kennesaw chapter.

On October 19th, K-Pop boy group SEVENTEEN released a new special album following the success of their seventh EP, Henggarae. Entitled Semicolon, the album’s theme is about remembering to take a pause from life and enjoy the warmth of family and friends. Many of the group members participated in the writing and composition of this album, and it has already achieved many accolades including selling over 900,000 physical albums. Consisting of six tracks, each with their own unique color, Semicolon proves that Seventeen continues to challenge themselves in their artistry and that they are one of Korea’s top artists.


The album opens with the lead single HOME;RUN (written by members Woozi, Vernon, and Seungkwan) – a jazzy, Broadway-inspired upbeat tempo song about not giving up when times get rough. This is one of two tracks that have all thirteen members featured. In HOME;RUN, they also compare life to baseball, aiming to get a home run not once, but multiple times. It’s an encouraging song, and whenever I listen to it, I can’t help but feel happy! The music video is now my favorite from the group, the aesthetics, the plot, and the bits of choreography featured made it very enjoyable to watch! Overall, HOME;RUN is my favorite track from the album. Check out the music video above!

Do Re Mi 

For many of their EPs and full studio albums, Seventeen released songs in units – whether in their respective unit (hip-hop, vocal, or performance) or special mixed units. For Semicolon, the group decided to mix things up and have unit songs by age group. For the first unit song, members Seungkwan, Vernon (born in 1998), and Dino (born in 1999, the group’s youngest member) came together. All three members wrote the lyrics, and the song talks about following what YOU want to do, not what everyone else does. With raps from hip-hop team member Vernon and performance team member Dino and vocals from vocal team member Seungkwan, Do Re Mi is another feel-good song from the album and a great start to the four unit tracks.


The next unit track features members Mingyu, DK, and The8, all of who were born in 1997. Just like the members in the Do Re Mi unit, the members in this unit each represent the three units of Seventeen (Mingyu is in the hip-hop team, DK is a vocal team member, and The8 is in the performance team). Hey Buddy reminds of a Saturday night on the town – city lights, youth on the streets laughing and spending time together – the song even gives a 70s vibe! Add that to DK’s vocals and The8 and Mingyu’s raps, and you have the most upbeat, high-energy song from Semicolon!

Light a Flame 

Seventeen’s 1996 members start to slow things down as the album begins to wrap up. Jun and Hoshi (performance team), Wonwoo (hip-hop team), and Woozi (vocal team) bring a slow, sultry, sexy vibe to a song that describes the world between two lovers. With lyrics by Hoshi, Wonwoo, and Woozi and the composition by Woozi, Light a Flame even uses elements of Latin and jazz. This is my favorite unit track, not just because two of my favorite members are on the same song. I am more of a slow music type of person, and the seductiveness of this song takes you to a different world, and I love it!


The last unit tracks consist of Seventeen’s oldest members: S.Coups, Jeonghan, and Joshua – all born in 1995. S.Coups is a part of the hip-hop team; Jeonghan and Joshua are vocal team members, and all three participated in writing the lyrics. AH! Love, as it says in the title, is about falling in love. “One day, at any place, eventually, you’ll come to me more, and I’ll go to you more. I hope our relationship becomes one that cannot be hidden…” are the beginning lyrics to the chorus. AH! Love is a sweet and calming song that makes you want to dream about and fall in love. It’s a perfect close to the unit tracks and a clever introduction to the album’s final song.

All My Love 

The final song in Semicolon is the other song that has all thirteen members. Written by Woozi, Vernon, and Seungkwan and composed by Woozi, All My Love describes the trust between two lovers and how they rely on each other through hard times. It also expresses regret, as the members say the love they give is not enough to them and wish they could give more. “I’m sincerely sorry. My love only amounts to this, but thank you for staying by my side, my baby…” Listening to the song for the first time even made me a bit emotional. All My Love is a beautiful close to this special album, and it leaves a feeling of wonder and thoughtfulness to the listeners.


Semicolon is an album masterpiece that showcases Seventeen’s different colors and relates to the listeners. It is a great addition to your music library, so take a listen to some or all the songs if any pique your interest!


SEVENTEEN is a thirteen-membered boy group from Pledis Entertainment. SEVENTEEN members are also divided into three units: the hip-hop team, performance team, and vocal team – and each team has a leader. Known worldwide as “self-producing idols,” many of the members are heavily involved in the album-making process, and they write, compose, and choreograph their own songs. On May 26, 2015, SEVENTEEN debuted with the lead single “Adore U,” from their first mini-album 17 Carat. The group has achieved several accolades, including Album of Year in 2019, for their third full studio album “An Ode.”

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