Nipsey Hussle: The Marathon Continues

Father, son, activist, rapper, entrepreneur and so much more are all words to describe Nipsey Hussle. The passing of Nipsey has caused an uproar of feelings for everyone, those who knew him personally and even those who didn’t. Whether you knew him or not he has sparked knowledge, hope, and change to everyone affected.  Some people may have only seen the hardcore outside exterior of him, but he was way more than that and he accomplished more than many knew until after his death.
Nipsey was able to reunite rival gangs making peace in his community, educated us on Dr. Sebi and his practices, and giving back to LA in any way he could. Lately, we’ve all learned lessons from his passing, but what we fail to realize is it shouldn't take someone passing to acknowledge the good within them. We should take the time to celebrate a celebrity, our family members, or friends while they are still here and not when they have tragically passed.
Everyone was shocked to hear the news because they knew the type of person he was and the positive impact he was making. He was informing and revealing his philosophy and knowledge with his fan base to help make communities better and eventually the world a better place to live.
Many people have shown their appreciation, love, and support to Nipsey Hussle and his family and will keep his legacy alive. The Marathon continues.