New Movie November: Films to Watch Next Month!

November is approaching, and with it comes new movies to watch! Whether you’re a film fanatic that essentially has a reserved seat at the movie theater or you prefer to Netflix and chill but wouldn’t mind stepping out of the house, these new releases are sure to have you at the edge of your seat.

Charlie’s Angels

The 2019 addition to the Charlie’s Angels franchise is a fresh, modern version of everyone’s favorite kick-ass spy trio. This time, there’s a new generation of the Angels who work tirelessly to fight against villains with evil plans. This movie hits theaters on November 15th, so grab your girls and strike the classic pose in front of the theatrical poster on your way in! (You know the one.)

Queen and Slim

Ever wondered what would happen if there were a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde? Look no further than this on-the-run film directed by Melina Matsoukas that will be in theaters November 27th. This romantic thriller follows a young couple on their first date until a police stop turns things awry. Now with a cop shot in self-defense, the two attempt to evade the law. Drama ensues.


A film that is long overdue, this movie captures the life and times of freedom fighter and abolitionist Harriet Tubman and her journey on the Underground Railroad. The action-packed biopic stars Cynthia Erivo as well as Janelle Monae and Leslie Odom Jr. This film sets to be a powerful depiction of the story of a woman who is not only important in Black history but is important in American history. 

Frozen 2

For those who want to release their inner child or simply love Disney Princess movies, this releases November 22nd. The sequel to the iconic animated film follows Elsa and Anna on a journey far from their kingdom of Arendelle, accompanied by Kristoff, Sven, and the non-abominable snowman Olaf. Though this sequel seems more action-based than a sing-along, this is still set to inspire the princess in us all!


If a movie uses Frank Ocean’s music in the trailer, you know it’s gonna be good. The film follows a high school teen and his family maneuvering through life while suffering a loss. This movie is available in theatres on November 15.