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My Savage X Fenty Review

I love all things Rihanna, and I finally decided to give Savage X Fenty a try! Before buying, I looked at the website numerous times and ultimately ended up not ordering anything because I thought it was a bit on the pricey side. (I am the type of person that hates spending money on myself) Eventually, a sale caught my eye, and who doesn’t love a sale, right! I finally caved in and decided to order, and I saved even more by becoming a VIP member!

Becoming a VIP member is totally worth it! There is a monthly charge of $49.99 every 5th of the month, but you have the option to use it or not. You have the opportunity to order something for the month, skip that month (you do not have to purchase anything, nor will you be charged for the monthly fee), but, if you are charged, the $49.99 is credited to your Savage account for you to use later. The last reasoning is what separates Savage X Fenty from other companies. Whereas some companies if you don’t buy anything that month you lose your money. You are also the first to get any promotion deals, exclusive Rihanna pick boxes included with surprise items gifted inside, and other perks as well!

For my first purchase, I bought two bras for $25; shipping will be included; however, if you spend over $49, shipping is free! I was pleasantly surprised that it was less than I would pay at Victoria’s Secret for just one bra. Shipping is quick, but due to COVID, it took longer than usual, which I had already expected. To me personally, this purchase was totally worth it! I loved the material and the quality of the product. I usually hate wearing bras, but these were very comfortable! They have not bothered or irritated me like most bras. The ones that I ordered explicitly had a smooth band all around that gives me no complaints. Along with the quality and design, they are also very stylish and super cute! My first order experience has given me enough reason to continue shopping and ordering different products.

Rihanna never ceases to amaze me, from her music to makeup and beauty to clothing. I am super excited to see what she continues to do with the line and future endeavors.

Myesha Mays

Kennesaw '21

I'm a KSU senior majoring in psychology
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