Migraine's Got You Down? Here Are Some Of My Remedies That Help

For years I have suffered from terrible migraines to the point that it affects my everyday life. I never really knew what the cause was or even how to start to find a way to manage them. I went to a neurologist just to make sure that there wasn't any underlining medical cause for them. After all my testing, everything came back normal, so it was just a matter of figuring out what triggers them and successfully treating them. I have yet to pinpoint what the cause is, but luckily, I have found ways to lessen the migraines' severity. If you have these same issues and problems, I hope that these will help you as well!

One helpful thing is CBD oil. This is hemp oil that is derived from the marijuana plant. A lot of people don't like or support the industry because they think that it is still apart of the "illegal" and drug aspect side, but CBD is not the THC form of the plant, which doesn't give you the negative effects that many people tend to think it does. There are different doses that you can choose from depending on what works for you. CBD has helped my pain tremendously; the migraines are not as excruciating as they usually are, and plus, you can take the oil as many times as you want instead of having a cap of how much of the oil that you can use.

Another thing that I take is Excedrin migraine extra strength! With all the prescriptions and different trial medication that my doctor prescribes me, this has been the only thing that I can take that actually helps get rid of the pain that I experience. You can get this over the counter at any of your local grocery or CVS stores. Personally, I can take this pill, and I am just fine a few hours or even the whole day. If need be, I will take another dose at least every four to six hours daily. Note: DO NOT take over 3 doses (2 pills each dose) a day.

Lastly, a natural remedy I use is rubbing peppermint oil on my temples. I massage in a circular motion on each temple to ease the pain and give me a natural release of my head's pressure. I haven't been 100% able to eliminate the migraines' pressure and pain, but it helps relax me and ease the pain!

These options have not eliminated or helped all of my pain, but it has helped me manage them the best way possible. My tactics and remedies won't work for everyone, but I hope that someone will find any of these options helpful or useful as a start until you find different options that work best for you.