Make a Date Out of Getting Vaccinated

Georgia Covid-19 vaccine eligibility is now open for anyone of the age of 16 and older. This is great news but there's still some confusion on where you can get a vaccine. 

If you're a student here at Kennesaw, you can click here to learn more about getting vaccinated on campus. While I'm a student at Kennesaw, I haven't really gone anywhere else in the past year outside of my job, my house, and campus. 

When I saw FEMA was offering vaccine services at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium I hopped onto the opportunity to take a trip into Atlanta. I was able to choose a vaccination date and time, which allowed me to makes plans to walk the city before I went for my vaccine. Pre-covid I really enjoyed going to Atlanta United games so it was nice to be back in the stadium and enjoyed their layout for vaccine distribution. 

Both trips to get my shots went by fast as well. My first dose I went on a weekday and was in and out within 30 minutes. For my second dose, I went on a Sunday and it ended up being a little bit busier, resulting in the trip taking a little over an hour.