Love--Is It Blind?

I noticed that there is a lot of popularity surrounding the new Netflix show, "Love Is Blind" lately. I just found out about the show, and I think that it's pretty good! But, I guess the show would be doing a lousy job of making us wonder: "Is love blind?." I know that we all have lots of opinions on love. Some of us think that love is a fairytale, and it comes around once in a lifetime. And, others aren't sure if love is even real; however, think about it with me for a second. Can love truly be blind?

What do you think your answer to the question would be? Mine would be: "I hope so." I would hope that love is blind to superficial things and stereotypes. Because love is an emotion as it is an action, I would like to believe that the heart would rule over the mind in the appropriate situations. Does love blind your vision when it comes to physical appearance? We've all seen the occasional "odd couple" before, right? I mean, two people that could not be more wrong for each other in superficial ways, but perfect for each other in the ones that count. We all have types and preferences, but at the end of the day, the person that we fall for maybe none of those things. After all, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." I like tall, dark, and athletic guys, but I may end up marrying a lighter-skinned guy, barely taller than I am because of his personality and character.

However, love is a tricky thing. It can be as dangerous as walking in the wrong part of town at night. Sometimes we can love someone so much that we excuse the things that they do to hurt us. Then, the question isn't "Is love blind," it's "does love make us blind?" I'll be quick in my answer to this one—yes, love does make us blind. Love is one of the most powerful experiences that we will ever have. It's also one of the greatest.  At times, it's perfect. At others, it's suffocating and toxic. But isn't it worth the risk? 

I’m not sure if love itself is blind. But I would like to think that it is or one day, it will be. If anything, the show gives us hope of that. I know that love makes us blind, but I hope that it’s worth it in the end. What I’m trying to say is, protect your hearts. Protect them, but don’t shield them off entirely from the world. Love is a fantastic thing—we have to remember to be cautious of who we give our hearts to.